Sabbath 04/10/46/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the Fourth Day of the Tenth Month called Tebeth. Over the last month we issued the papers On the Law and the Calendar into the Millennium (No. 156G)and also on the New Moon we issued the paper Four Hundred Years of Abraham’s Legacy (No. 212J). Today we will proceed to the Commentary on Isaiah Part 11 (No. F023xi).

The text deals with Chs. 43-46.

Ch. 43. Begins with the identification of Jacob and Israel as God's Witnesses.

43:14-44:5 deals with the Redemption and Restoration of Israel. The text deals with the Restoration and the Return of Israel to Palestine which is to happen in the latter days under Messiah.

Ch 44 continues on as Jacob and Israel, in the sense of the Nation and the Spiritual body, as the church for the Witness to mankind and the Nations. We deal with the introduction of the passage in Isaiah 44:6-8 and the Nature of God.

Chapter 44:9-20 deals with God's attack on Idolatry.

In 44:21-24 Israel is forgiven and redeemed.

44:25-45:13 is the prophetic Commission of Cyrus.

45:14-25 deals with the conversion of the nations.

Ch. 46 deals with the Lord God in support of Israel.

In the New Moon Message we dealt with the Four Hundred Years of Abraham’s Legacy (No. 212J). We also discussed the end of the Four Hundred years and the beginning of the final 42 months of the Empire of the Beast (No. 299A). In that final period of the Babylonian system of Daniel Ch. 2 (at F027ii; xi, xii, xiii), we see that the Empire of the Beast turns on and destroys the false religion of the Whore (No. 299B). The Churches of God will be kept alive over the period, but we are not immune from its problems. For that reason, I requested assistance in forming the teams for the storage and distribution of the thumb drives and apps for the education of the nations over this critical phase of the Last Days. Do not expect much help or support from these branches of the offshoots and the elements of either Sardis or Laodicea as they will continue to be crushed and scattered and by the time they repent there will be nowhere to go and not much for them do when they finally repent. The Laodiceans think they are rich in both elements of Adventists and JWs and when they finally realise what they are it will be all too little too late and many angry people. They will wish that they had studied the origins of their antinomian doctrines and their false calendars (see No. 164C and No. 095). We will have to lock the leaders of the Adventist system and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in Protective Custody in the Cities of Refuge in the Second Resurrection (No. 143B).

It is a very sad situation that Satan was able to deceive the majority of the world with false doctrines when the Bible texts themselves are so basic and so clear. If they do not speak according to the Law and the Testimony there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20). Very soon the Globalists will mount massive cyber-attacks to disable our internet systems and to disable our communications. Try to make sure we are able to communicate internally as well as possible.

Also we need volunteers for the Calendar Project for the 121st and 122nd Jubilees.

Keep the Faith

Wade Cox

Coordinator General