New Year Message 01/01/46/120

Dear Friends,

Today is the New Moon of the First Month and the New Year of the 46th year of the 120th jubilee. It is also the end of the Third tithe year of the Final cycle of this Jubilee. This day commences the period of the Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241) and also the Cleansing of the Temple (No. 241B), and the Fast for the Simple and the Erroneous (No. 291) on 7 Abib.  This next five years will bring to an end the rule of Satan and his false religious systems established over his period of rule for the 6000 years since the closure of Eden in 3974 BCE.  God gave Satan and the fallen host rule over and control of the earth for that entire period to the Jubilee year of 2027. The millennial period for the rule of the Messiah during the Millennial Sabbath will commence from the New Year in 2028. By that time, the Fallen Host under Satan will be interred in the Pit of Tartaros for the 1000 years to their release for the final test of mankind prior to the Second Resurrection of the Dead (143B) and the re-education of mankind and the completion of the selection of mankind as Elohim and future rulers of the Universe (F066v).

The Ground Rules
God gave Adam the basic rules in Eden and he and Eve sinned from their creation in 4004 BCE. (see #246; #272).  They were judged and banished from Eden and it was closed. Adam's progeny were given the basic Laws of God within His Covenant (see #248). The fundamental was that they were to keep God's Commandments and the Testimony and were regulated by His Calendar (#156) to qualify for Salvation.

In the days of the patriarchate of Enoch the demons corrupted mankind to sin grievously and Enoch stood Witness against them, for their sin. When he was 365 years, he was not, because God had taken him to stand witness against that age and the Fallen Host (Gen. 25:23-24). There was a second Witness required under the Law and that Witness was identified by God and sent forward from His role as prophet in Israel and he also was taken in the Merkabah Chariot of God (2Kgs 2:11) and sent forward (with Enoch) to the Last Days as we are told by God through the prophet Malachi (4:5). These two constitute the Two Witnesses in Rev. 11:3ff).  

God established Israel as the Vineyard of God (#001C) as part of His Plan of Salvation (No.001A). The aim was to establish his people as Elohim (No. 001). As the leader of this system The One True God Eloah set the Being we understand as the Elohim of Israel (Ps. 45:6-7; Heb. 1:8-9), who became Jesus Christ, as the Subordinate God of Israel and sent him to establish Moses and take Israel out of Egypt and give him the Law at Sinai. The purpose was to establish, in Israel, the rules by which they would be judged and, based on the Law and the Testimony, their faith would be tested and identified (Isa. 8:20 and Rev. 12:17; 14:12). Christ as the Angel of the Presence and Redemption, and the subordinate Elohim of Israel, punished Israel and Judah many times, over the course of their existence; and the latter prophets told Israel constantly that they would go into captivity many times over the years. They were to be punished as we see in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and all the Twelve and on into the Messiah and the Apostles and the NT church right up until the Last Days with the last voice of the Last Church of God of Jer. 4:15-27, (F024); Jn. 1:19 ff (F043); (F066); and then, to the Two Witnesses of Rev. ch. 11. (F066iii).

Satan established false religious systems over that entire time and especially from the beginning of the Church of God under Messiah and the Apostles, and into the Second Century under the false doctrines of the Sun and Mystery Cults from Rome, using the doctrines of Baal worship and the goddess Easter, or Ishtar/Ashtaroth, consort of Baal. The Demons also set up false systems among the Pagans and Hindus, the Celts and Greeks, the Indians and Chinese and every nation on the earth.

The test of God was simple. If one kept the doctrines of the Commandments of God and the Law and the Testimony as given by Christ and the prophets, in Scripture, then the one doing so was under God's Protection as one of the Elect (No. 001). Those that did that were assured of salvation in the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A) at the return of Messiah at the end of the Age. They were then to be given the responsibility for the re-education and Salvation of those that killed them, and all mankind and the Fallen Host (No. 080).

Those that did not keep the Law and the Testimony and the Temple Calendar (#156) and kept the false doctrines of the Sun and Mystery Cults and kept Sunday, the Festival of the Solstice and the rebirth of the Sun on 25 December and kept the festival of the Goddess and the Friday Death and Sunday Resurrection of Attis (or Adonis /Osiris), and the Gnostic Doctrines of Heaven and Hell, were under the control of the Demons and had lost the protection of God and the Loyal Host under Christ. That particularly included those Antinomian Gnostics that taught that the law of God was done away. These false teachers usually accompany their false doctrines with the teaching of Heaven and Hell, although one sect (JWs) has a bizarre combination of 144,000 of Rev. Ch. 7 in heaven and everyone else on earth in the Millennium. These false teachers will all be killed at the return of the Messiah, if they have not repented. They will not enter the Millennium, nor will any that follow them unless they repent in time.

God is only interested in those that obeyed/obey Him and who could be trusted to follow His Laws as laid out in Scripture along with the Temple Calendar (free of the Babylonian Intercalations and Rabbinical Postponements in Hillel (see ## 195; 195C). The obedient would be in the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and would replace the demons as mentors of the Humans over the Millennium and the Second Resurrection. All the rest of Humanity would be allocated another hundred years as humans in the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgement (No. 143B) along with the demons who would also be reduced to androgynous humans under corrective judgement (see No. 080). It is not God's will that any flesh should perish (Mat. 18:14; 2Pet. 3:9). All these humans will be subject to the Second Death (No. 143C).

The End of the Age
We have now commenced the Last Five Years of this Age. We have come to the final phases of the Bio-Chemical Wars of the Fifth Trumpet and soon, the thermo-nuclear end of the War of the Sixth Trumpet
 (see Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C). The agents of the demons among the Khazzarian groups and their paid stooges in the US, UK, CA, AU and NZ and in the EU will bring the West undone, killing billions through the vaxx poisons, and other toxins, that they began on a mass scale from their release in 2019 to the mass deaths beginning in 2021 and which are now escalating. They are working to implement the NWO under the final Empire of the Beast (No. 299A). (See also F027ii, xi, xii, xiii). The final phase will see the Demons kill most of those people subject to their system, as they are not under the Protection of God, and that includes those of the Churches of God not keeping the Temple Calendar (No. 156). That also includes all religious systems keeping false or pagan systems and false gods such as modern pseudo-Christianity of the Sun and Mystery Cults, and Hinduism, Buddhism and Hadithic Islam, in all of the phases of those systems not keeping the Law and the Testimony under the Scriptures. Satan and the Demons are allowed to kill all of them, as they also are not under God's Protection, not keeping the Law and the Testimony and faith of the Messiah and the Saints of God (see Rev. 12:17; F066iii; 14:12 F066iv; and the Whore and the Beast (No. 299B). The demons tested the elect and killed and persecuted millions over the years (see F044vii). These are the Saints of God of the First Resurrection. They await the First Resurrection of the Elect (No. 001) that will arise from the graves at the return of the Messiah, at the end of this age, before the end of the Jubilee declaration of the Acceptable Year of the Lord at Atonement 2027, exactly 2000 years, or Forty Jubilees, from Christ's declaration in 27 CE after his baptism (Lk. 4:18-19; F042). Until that time no human has ascended into heaven other than he who came down from heaven, Jesus Christ (Jn. 3:13 F043). Those who were resurrected at the time of Christ all died again (some were killed) and they lay in the graves, as did everyone else, awaiting the First Resurrection at the return of the Messiah. This event was neither of the major resurrections.
Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets
The War of the Fifth Trumpet will continue on now killing billions over the next four years. The damage has already been done with the poisonous injections. Take none of the boosters.
5G is the cause of COVID deaths. it is a NWO death tool.

So also will WWIII continue now until the Thermo-Nuclear War of the Sixth Trumpet eliminates one third of mankind as foretold in Rev. 9:18. (see No. 141C). This was the objective of the Demons and not the Will of God. The conflict will develop over the next 15 months. Immediately following the nuclear exchanges, the Two Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah, will be sent in the Merkabah Chariot of God to take up their positions on the Temple Mount for 1260 days (No. 141D). Over that time the populace of the NWO under the Demons will try to kill them. The human minions will in like manner be killed, as they sought to kill the Witnesses. The Witnesses have the power to shut the heavens over the three and a half years of their Witness. Elijah has already exercised that power in Israel when he shut the heavens there for 3.5 years. The Witnesses also will call fire down from heaven as they desire and kill those that threaten them (see also 2Kgs 1:10-14).So also they can give relief to those that repent.

The demons will seek to discredit the Witness as part of an Alien Invasion strategy using Holograms (see UFOs and Aliens (No. 141E_2B)), This strategy will be used over the entire period of their Witness and for the Arrival of the Messiah and the Host up through 2026. See Holograms for UFOs:'Highly Maneuverable' UFOs Defy All Physics, Says Government Study (

This strategy follows the logic of the Pentateuch where the Most High God gave the law to mankind through the Angel of the Presence, who became the subordinate Elohim of Israel (Gen. 32:8; Ps. 45:6-7; Heb 1:8-9), who was the Christ and who was with Israel in the Wilderness (Acts 7:30-53; 1Cor. 10:1-4).

As part of a counterfeit strategy, the Demons and their minions in the US and EU are embarking on a promise of imminent immortality. The Germans have announced the project and it is now being followed up. See here the Demons promising immortality through a futurist: Humans Are on Track to Achieve Immortality in 7 Years, Futurist Says (

The Witnesses will commence to weed out the people who say they are Jews and are not. Over 90 % of all modern Jews are converts to Judaism from other nations. They do not keep the Temple Calendar and the laws and testimony of the Scriptures. Most of the Ashkenazim or Khazzarian converts to Judaism (ca 630 CE) behind the WEF and the wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets will either repent, or be slaughtered. Many are practicing Satanists. The Witnesses will bring all of Judaism, and the Churches of God keeping Hillel, to repentance over their ministry, or they will die (see also ## 212E; 212F). On the 1260th day of their mission, the world stooges of the Demons will be allowed to succeed in killing the Witnesses. They will throw a combined Xmas and Easter party in celebration, which unfortunately for them, will be short lived.  They will leave the bodies of the Witnesses in the streets for 3.5 days, in case the prophecies really are true, and on the morning of the fourth day, Messiah and the Host will arrive. The Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah, and with them the entire elect, shall rise from the dead and all will be taken to Jerusalem to Messiah where they will be debriefed, and allocated their tasks as elohim to the nations. The people of the Sardis and Laodicean Eras of the Churches of God of Rev, Ch. 3 who have not repented of their Ditheism (No. 076B) or Binitarianism/Trinitarianism (No. 076) and the Hillel Calendar will not be in the First Resurrection. The Ministry who have not repented will most probably be killed and the brethren will have to struggle though the Tribulation and the Vials of the Wrath of God in order to live on into the Millennium as humans. The NWO stooges will hide in the rocks and the caves of the mountains, or their camp Davids, and Cheyenne Mountains and every nuclear shelter they possess, not that that will save them. The Demons will be taken to Tartaros and the elect will be briefed and posted to their positions over the humans that are to be taken into the millennial system around the world. All the NWO subjects of the Demons, and those that will not repent, will be killed. Then Messiah will subjugate the nations from Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E) and the unrepentant will march against Christ (No. 141E_2). Then Messiah will end all false religion on the planet and institute the Law and the Testimony (see End of False Religion (No. 141F)). This Age will then end (141F_2) and we will go into the Millennial Sabbath under Messiah and the Laws of God and the Testimony in the next Jubilee for another twenty jubilees or 1000 years, hence the Millennium. The Six thousand years are represented by the Six Working Days of the Week with the Seventh Day Sabbath of the week representing the 1000 year rule of the Messiah with the elect of the First Resurrection (Rev. Ch. 20 F066v) (see ## 282A, 282B, 282C, 282D and 282E).

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Be still and see the salvation of our God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General