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Dear Friends

This Sabbath we are looking at the increasing chaos being engineered by the Globalists.  They have now supplemented  Ukrainian forces with 30 % NATO forces in the attacks on the Russians and they are also quoting Revelation 9:18 stating that NATO will force a Nuclear war to kill a third of mankind. That now appears imminent, perhaps even by Trumpets with the Witnesses following shortly thereafter. One cannot envisage it lasting longer, or even to Passover 2023. We are about to see War, Economic Collapse and World Famine as the following indicate. We cannot pretend it is not happening.

This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog under the title: 12 Numbers That Show That We Are Getting Dangerously Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Of 2022 Approaches
You have heard me say it over and over again.  What we are witnessing right now reminds me so much of 2008, and we all remember what happened in the fall of 2008.
That doesn’t mean that this new crisis will unfold exactly the same way that the last one did.  Ultimately, every economic downturn is unique.  But the fact that we are seeing so many parallels between what is transpiring now and what transpired 14 years ago should deeply alarm all of us.  We appear to be on the precipice of another economic crash, and all of the “solutions” that our leaders give us just seem to make things even worse.
Hopefully, someone out there can find a way to pull a miracle out of a hat and a worst-case scenario can be averted.
But I wouldn’t count on that happening.  The following are 12 numbers that show that we are getting dangerously close to an economic crash as the fall of 2022 approaches…
#1 The government is telling us that the unemployment rate only went up to 3.7 percent in August.
#2 According to John Williams of, if honest numbers were being used the real rate of unemployment in the United States would be over 24 percent.
#3 About half of all U.S. companies say that they will be eliminating jobs within the next 12 months.
#4 The government is telling us that the inflation rate in the United States is only 8.5 percent.
#5 According to John Williams of, if the rate of inflation was still calculated the way that it was back in 1980, the real rate of inflation would be somewhere around 17 percent right now.  That is worse than anything that we experienced during the Jimmy Carter era.
#6 At one company, the number of Americans taking out short-term loans for groceries has nearly doubled this year.
#7 One out of every five home sellers in the United States dropped their asking price last month.  This is more evidence that home prices are starting to rapidly move in a downward direction.
#8 Sales of previously-owned homes were about 20 percent lower this July than they were last July.
#9 One recent survey found that 3.8 million Americans believe that they could be evicted from their homes within the next two months.
#10 According to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, approximately 20 million U.S. households are currently behind on their utility bills.
#11 The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for three weeks in a row.  We also witnessed this sort of a gradual slide just prior to the big crash of 2008.
#12 In August, a whopping 2,150 corporate executives sold off shares in their companies.  Are they trying to cash in while they still can?
Gustavo Arnal was one of the corporate executives that recently sold off large amounts of stock.
Now he is dead
The man who jumped to his death from the 18th floor of the famous ‘Jenga’ tower in lower Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood Friday has been identified as a Bed Bath & Beyond executive.
Gustavo Arnal, 52, was the Chief Financial Officer of Bed Bath & Beyond, a company that has been going through struggles of late due to high inflation and a sagging economy. The company announced plans to close 150 stores, of its roughly 900, and lay off 20 percent of staff just two days before Arnal’s death.
He reportedly sold over 42,000 shares in the company, oft-identified as a ‘meme stock’, for $1million just over two weeks ago, according to
It appears that Arnal was involved in a “pump and dump” scheme, and he may have decided that he didn’t want to spend much of the rest of his life locked away in prison
The executive vice president and chief financial officer of Bed Bath & Beyond who plunged to his death from the 18th floor of a New York City skyscraper on Friday was the subject of a class-action lawsuit alleging that he and majority shareholder, GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen, had artificially inflated the company’s value in a “pump and dump” scheme.
Gustavo Arnal, 52, and Cohen, are listed as defendants in the class-action lawsuit filed last month in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
Sadly, I think that we will see quite a few more people jumping off of buildings before this whole thing is over. Of course most Americans would never do such a thing.
Most Americans will just suffer through whatever comes even as their standard of living is being systematically destroyed. For example, CNN recently interviewed one young mother that couldn’t even afford to buy a backpack for her preschooler…
As Sarah Longmore finished her back-to-school shopping, the mother of five looked at a $25 backpack for her preschooler. Soaring inflation had crunched the family’s budget, and she decided her daughter could make do with a hand-me-down. She put the backpack back.
Unfortunately, she is not alone.
In fact, one recent poll found that only 36 percent of all parents will “be able to pay for everything their kids need this school year”…
Just 36% of parents said they would be able to pay for everything their kids need this school year, according to Morning Consult’s annual back-to-school shopping report. That’s down sharply from 52% in 2021, when inflation was lower and stimulus checks plus advance child tax credit payments helped some families.
Are things really this bad already?
If so, what will the conditions look like six months or a year from now?
2023 is less than four months away, and the stage has been set for an economic implosion of absolutely epic proportions.
Do you remember the extreme pain that our nation went through in 2008 and 2009?
Many believe that what is ahead will be even worse.
The greatest debt bubble in the history of the world is starting to burst, and central banks all over the globe are starting to panic.
If you always wanted to live in “interesting” times, you are going to get your wish.
But for most people, the times that we are moving into will not be fun at all.


Maximo Torero, the chief economist from the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), told Bloomberg TV that elevated fertilizer prices could decrease global grain production by upwards of 40% in the next planting season. A global famine could be shaping up as all the coincidences line up.
High fertilizer prices are expected to shrink the world’s rice production. The grain feeds half of humanity and is vital for political and economic stability across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Supply disruptions could spark social instabilities in those areas of the world. We outlined the risk of unrest is high over the next six months.
The combination of food supply chain disruptions due to the war in Ukraine and crop failures worldwide due to extreme weather could result in a much lower quantity of food reaching the public. Ramping up food production with a heavily reduced amount of fertilizer that costs even more next planting season could be challenging. And getting more fertilizer that’s affordable will also be difficult.
Other UN officials in recent weeks have stepped up warnings about the affordability crisis of fertilizer. Prices in North America have come off the highs but remain 220% above levels in early 2020, according to ZeroHedge.

The African Development Bank warned the continent lacks 2 million metric tons of fertilizer.
“We are really starting to yell from every tower that there’s a fertilizer crisis … and the fertilizer crisis is enormous,” one UN official who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Politico
Artificial fertilizers contain three primary ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Farmers use the final product to boost crop yields — if prices remain elevated because of shortages, fewer fertilizers will be used, and harvests next season will shrink, continuing a multi-year food crisis that might only worsen.
A 40% reduction in global food output could result in worldwide famine. People are already struggling with the rising costs of food. Once it becomes scarce, the costs will go up even more. After the Great Reset, only the wealthy will eat.

Green Markets

This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News.
In yet another truly astonishing announcement that demonstrates the desperation of this hour, German steelmaker ArcelorMittal, one of the largest steel production facilities in Europe, has shuttered operations due to high energy prices. (See their announcement here, in German.)
“With gas and electricity prices increasing tenfold within just a few months, we are no longer competitive in a market that is 25% supplied by imports,” said CEO Reiner Blaschek.
This comes after announced closures of aluminum smelters, copper smelters, and ammonia production plants over the last few weeks. Ammonia — necessary for fertilizer — is now 70% offline in the EU.
Adding to the misery, in just the last 24 hours, Russia announced a complete ban on natural gas exports to Europe until the West’s economic sanctions are lifted. This means the Nord Stream 1 pipeline is now shuttered for the foreseeable future since delusional NATO countries are incapable of correcting their errors and backing down from Russia.
With steel and other industrial metals also offline, one wonders how Western Europe is supposed to function over the next six months of winter:
No steel = No industry (or industry jobs)
No fertilizer = No food
No natural gas = No electricity or heat
In essence, three of the pillars that allow a modern society to function are being severely crippled by economic sanctions and sky-high energy prices across Europe.
And it’s only the first week of September. The cold weather hasn’t even arrived yet. No matter how much natural gas is already stored for the winter, Europeans are facing both sky-high costs and scarcity on a level that hasn’t been experienced since World War II.
There simply isn’t enough energy available to power European cities and heat all the buildings this winter, and there’s not enough food in the pipeline to feed everyone in 2023, either.
Take that, Putin!
California’s rolling blackouts may begin today
The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting today that rolling blackouts may begin in California this evening. There’s simply not enough electricity to meet demand, so thousands of homes and businesses are going to be forcefully disconnected from the power grid. This is after the state begging electric vehicle owners to avoid charging their EVs from 4 – 9 pm. (Question: What happens if millions more Californians buy electric vehicles and plug them in?)
Via the Chronicle:
State officials anticipate needing 48,817 megawatts of electricity Monday, which would leave the state with a 2,000 to 4,000-megawatt deficit, according to the California Independent System Operator.
Ruh-roh. It turns out that dismantling the power grid infrastructure in order to appease left-wing greenies doesn’t keep the lights on. This must be incredibly confusing to the Leftists, given that they thought if all fossil fuels were shut down, a magical utopia would spontaneously emerge. Instead, they’ll be burning candles, cranking wind-up radios, and crapping in buckets when the water towers run dry due to the lack of electricity for the water pumps.
Welcome to Collapsifornia.
To combat the rising prices of electricity and food, Gov. Newsom has just signed a bill requiring fast food restaurants to pay as much as $22 / hour to workers. This is going to bankrupt many restaurants in California, worsening the lack of food options and job opportunities for locals. Via the WSJ:
“You can’t charge enough for food to offset what will happen from a labor perspective,” said Greg Flynn, president of Flynn Restaurant Group, which operates franchise brands in 44 states and owns 105 restaurants in California.
Mr. Flynn says he donated to Newsom’s political campaigns. It turns out you always get the tyranny you support. As long as oblivious Californians keep voting for Democrats, they’re going to continue collapsing into destitution and authoritarianism.
Where are all the people in Jackson, Mississippi crapping?
Don’t forget that the entire municipal water system has failed in Jackson, Mississippi, meaning there’s no water to flush toilets. It begs the question: Where are all the people crapping there?
If they’re crapping in the toilets, they have to hand-carry water to flush them. Where are they getting all that water?
Or maybe they’re crapping in buckets and tossing the contents in the backyard. That’s going to create a nightmare for the Health Dept and some interesting conversations among neighbors, especially when it rains again.
How are businesses functioning in the city if there are no working toilets? When locals need to get together for a meeting, do they ask to meet at the corner of Cholera and E.Coli? Seriously, at what point does all the feces become a public health issue reminiscent of a collapsed Third World nation like Haiti?
It’s all breaking down
All by design, globalists are decimating the pillars of civilization in order to cause collapse and depopulation. They are attacking:

The overarching goal is to exterminate the vast majority of the human population, then enslave the survivors.
The oblivious masses are going along with it, having no clue that if they took multiple covid jabs, they’re probably ...

This article was originally published by Micahel Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 
Things are far worse than you are being told.  Over the past few months, I have been carefully documenting facts that show that global food production is going to be way down in 2022.
Unfortunately, most people out there don’t seem to understand that the food that isn’t being grown in 2022 won’t be on our store shelves in 2023.  We are potentially facing an absolutely unprecedented worldwide food crisis next year, but the vast majority of the population doesn’t seem very alarmed about this.  So I would encourage you to help me get this warning out by sharing this list with as many people as you possibly can.  As you will see below, we now have so many data points that it is impossible to deny what is coming.  The following is a list of 33 things we know about the coming food shortages…
#1 The hard red winter wheat crop in the United States this year “was the smallest since 1963”.  But in 1963, there were only 182 million people living in this nation.  Today, our population has grown to 329 million.
#2 It is being projected that the rice harvest in California will be “half what it would be in a normal year”.
#3 The U.S. tomato harvest will come in at just 10.5 million tons in 2022.  That is over a million tons lower than a normal year.
#4 This will be the worst U.S. corn harvest in at least a decade.
#5 Year-to-date shipments of carrots in the United States are down 45 percent.
#6 Year-to-date shipments of sweet corn in the United States are down 20 percent.
#7 Year-to-date shipments of sweet potatoes in the United States are down 13 percent.
#8 Year-to-date shipments of celery in the United States are down 11 percent.
#9 Total peach production in the U.S. is down 15 percent from last year.
#10 Almost three-fourths of all U.S. farmers say that this year’s drought is hurting their harvests.
#11 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Oregon is down 41 percent.
#12 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in New Mexico is down 43 percent.
#13 Thanks to the endless drought, the total number of cattle in Texas is down 50 percent.
#14 One beef producer in Oklahoma is now predicting that ground beef “could eventually top $50 per pound”.
#15 At least 40 percent of the United States has been suffering from drought conditions for 101  consecutive weeks.
#16 Overall, this is the worst multi-year megadrought in the United States in 1,200 years.
#17 Europe is currently experiencing the worst drought that it has seen in 500 years.  In some parts of central Europe, river levels have fallen so low that “hunger stones” are being revealed for the first time in centuries.
#18 Corn production for the entire EU could be down by as much as one-fifth in 2022.
#19 We are being warned that there will be crop losses in France of up to 35 percent.
#20 It is being projected that crop losses in some areas of the UK could be as high as 50 percent.
#21 It is being reported that there will be crop losses “of up to 50 percent” in some parts of Germany.
#22 Some farmers in Italy have already lost “up to 80% of their harvest”.
#23 Agricultural production in Somalia will be down about 80 percent this year.
#24 In eastern Africa, the endless drought has already resulted in the deaths of at least seven million animals.
#25 In China, they are facing the worst drought that they have ever experienced in recorded history.
#26 India normally accounts for 40 percent of the global rice trade, but we are being warned that production in that country will be way down in 2022 due to “considerable rainfall deficits in key rice producing states”.
#27 A third of the entire nation of Pakistan was under water after recent floods absolutely devastated that nation, and agricultural areas were hit particularly hard.  As a result, the vast majority of the crops in the country have been “washed away”
It has also been estimated that roughly 65 per cent of the country’s food basket — particularly crops like rice, cotton, wheat and onion — have been washed away.
Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, in an interview to CGTN earlier this week, offered an even starker outlook by saying that “about 80 to 90 per cent” of the country’s crops have been damaged by the floods.
#28 The prices of some fertilizers have tripled since 2021, while the prices of some other fertilizers have actually quadrupled.
#29 One payment company is reporting that the number of Americans using their app to take out short-term loans for groceries has risen by 95 percent.
#30 Demand at U.S. food banks is now even worse than it was during the height of the COVID pandemic.
#31 The World Health Organization is telling us that millions of people in Africa are now potentially facing a very real possibility of starving to death.
#32 According to the World Food Program, 828 million people around the world go to bed hungry each night.  Needless to say, that number will soon be much higher.
#33 UN Secretary-General António Guterres has publicly stated that he believes that it is likely that there will be “multiple famines” in 2023.
As global food supplies get tighter and tighter, so will the risk of civil unrest.
In fact, this has already been happening
The risk of civil unrest has surged this year in more than half of the world’s countries, signaling a coming period of heightened global instability fueled by inflation, war, and shortages of essentials, a new analysis says.
According to Verisk Maplecroft, a UK-based risk consulting and intelligence firm, 101 of the 198 countries tracked on its Civil Unrest Index saw an increase in their risk of civil unrest between the second and third quarters of this year.
In recent weeks, we have seen absolutely massive protests in cities all over the planet.
But conditions aren’t even that bad yet.
So what will things be like in 2023 when it finally becomes exceedingly clear that there simply will not be enough food for everyone?
Wealthy countries will have the resources to buy up much of what is available on the market, and that means that many poor countries will deeply suffer.
If everything that you have read in this article sounds familiar, that is because we have been warned for years that such conditions were coming.
In 2023, there will be famines and civil unrest all over the globe.
This is not a drill.  An extremely serious global food crisis has already begun, and I would encourage you to get prepared for what is ahead while you still can.

So we now see the engineered transition to the Globalist NWO. There will be massive civil unrest and by 2026 Messiah will be here to save those who eagerly await him.  These Globalists will have their demons sent to the pit and the human stooges wiped out by the Jubilee. Only the Holy Seed will be left alive (Isa. 6:9-13).

Do not fail to rectify your errors and false doctrines in order to survive.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General