Sabbath 28/02/45/120

Dear Friends,

A blessed Sabbath to you all, for this Sabbath and the New Moon following.  We have released the Commentary on Mark Part I: (F041) this Sabbath and on the New Moon on Monday we will also release Part II (F041ii) dealing with chapters 5-8. Our plan is to release Parts III and IV on the Pentecost Sabbath Day and follow that on with the Commentary on Luke Part I (F042) on Pentecost. John will follow and then by mid August we hope to release the Harmony of the Gospels, and the NT should be finished; God willing. We have changed the formatting of Mark and, dependent upon the comments, we may carry that on.

We are watching the nations now fail.  The election in AU was a disaster with almost a third of the vote being declared absent or informal almost all over the nation, and the nation was simply expected to swallow that Globalist Marxist fiction. Things will get worse before they get better and the Australian people will fight for their freedom or go into captivity. So also will it be with the rest of the world everywhere.

No matter what the world does, they will be saved from themselves, by Messiah and the Loyal Host, under the orders of God.

The current crisis in Russia and the Ukraine is dragging on and more viruses have been released.  Monkey Pox is another and there are more to come. The Russians will not accept it and they will go nuclear very soon. One does not have to be a genius to work out the targets. They will get what they deserve. The Vatican will be destroyed under Fatima 3A and 3B (in the desk Barbarigo), see The Last Pope (No. 288).  The Russians know exactly what they are doing, and have done, and will deal with them.

As soon as the War of the Sixth Trumpet develops fully (see (No. 141C)), God will despatch the Witnesses (see Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)).

Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:34-36) and by 2027 we will all do as we are told and keep God’s law or we will be dead. Just strap yourselves in for the ride and hope and pray that God saves our hides over the five years ahead to 2027.

Pray we are worthy to be counted among the Holy Seed of Isaiah 6:9 -13.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General