Sabbath 270745120

Dear Friends,

We are back from the Feast of Tabernacles this year and our people have been added to in significant numbers all over the world. We have had single baptisms in some countries and multiple church inductions and baptisms in other countries. These inductions and baptisms and ordinations will carry on after the feast.
One of the problems we have been faced with over the years is self-righteousness. Often the disease of self- righteousness is based on what other people drink at the feasts. God gives us the Second Tithe (Tithing No. 161) to go to the feast and buy wine or strong drink or whatever our hearts desire (Deut. 14:26 RSV). In order to deal with the problem there is one paper that addresses both problems in the paper (Wine in the Bible (No. 188)).
We have seen self-righteousness destroy the Churches of God over the Twentieth Century and the poison still continues to tear it to bits in the Twenty-First Century. Much of the poison came from North America and their association of alcohol with sin; everywhere they spread their religious heresies. We have had to deny entry of many of the COG (SD) people espousing the heresy in Africa and also in Europe. We once had entire churches refused entry in the Ukraine because they would not even tolerate a 5ml glass of wine at the Passover and insisted on grape juice at the Lord’s Supper. We refused them entry and they then attempted to join us again under false pretences.  So also we had this self-righteous attitude attempt to enter CCG in UK and Ghana and they had to be removed and instead of being honest about why they were dismissed, they said we drank too much. What they neglected to add was that they thought anyone who drank any alcohol at all drank too much and that the entire Churches of God drank too much, if they had even 5 ml of alcohol at the Lord’s Supper. Of course those self-righteous comments were music to the ears of the self-righteous ministry of the WCG offshoots who neglected to ask as to why the people were making the comments and why they were dismissed.
It is a matter of fact that CCG will not tolerate the refusal to take wine at the Lord’s Supper on the Night of 14 Abib and if you refuse to congregate together to eat the Body, and drink the Blood, of Messiah you will not be permitted entry to the Churches of God. We will not tolerate self-righteousness under any circumstances in the Churches of God. In some of the Churches of God they keep the Jewish Hillel Calendar and the Babylonian Intercalations (No. 195C) and have never kept God’s Calendar (No. 156) and have never kept a Holy Day on the correct day except by accident in all their lives and do not even understand the fact of the matter. That sin alone will refuse you entry to the First Resurrection (No. 143A). Repent!

Each of the Ministry of CCG are to deal with this poisonous sin of self-righteousness, and are to root it out of the churches everywhere. If one thinks one is righteous the odds are we have a massive plank in our own eye while being concerned with specks in the eyes of our brethren.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General