Dear Friends,

Today we are issuing Commentary on Ezekiel: Part I (No. F026).  We will release the series ahead of schedule and that should provide plenty of study opportunity for all members and friends everywhere.  Our Chinese students are accessing the Bible Commentaries and other papers at a stunning rate. In one city in China alone we had 66,000+ computers access over 250,000 papers this week alone. These are massive numbers. We will also have to increase our infrastructure to maintain the internet capacity as access grows.

We are making good progress also in the various nations of the world commencing investigations into the Big Pharma vaxx poisons.  Florida under Ron De Santis has tasked the State Supreme Court with convening a Grand Jury tasked with investigating Big Pharma and the vaxxes with a view to effective prosecution of those involved. The US has to take steps to try, imprison and execute these criminals. This has to happen all over the world. There are millions dropping dead down to young athletes on the sporting fields. George Christensen of Nation First is exposing it now also. Dr Andrew G. Huff says it is the greatest psychological experiment ever inflicted on humanity. He was at Wuhan and has exposed what they did.

NZ has also formed a Royal Commission to investigate the vaxxes and the possible criminal activity involved.  The death stats are now 17% and over, above normal, and UK is now up to 26% above normal. These figures are unheard of in our death rates and actuarial records. The massive flu deaths in 2017 were in total only 1% above normal. AU has been totally deceived by the politicians on both sides of the parliament and they have to be tried and the ring leaders will be executed on the reintroduction of the death penalty.

So also the UK is about to remove the Tories from power over their massive betrayal of the Brexit. The Globalists everywhere have to be removed from all public office.

Over the next six months we will uncover the full horror and those working in complicity with the WEF and the Pharmaceutical Fraud will be exposed. People Like Ricardo Bosi of A1 are making comments such as that the Military Tribunals have undertaken trials already and a number of these people have already been executed and there are many more to follow. Many of those people triple jabbed have extensive rapidly advancing cancers and many have only 21 days to live. These people are incredibly angry and the violence against these corrupt politicians and medical officers and bureaucrats will take off very soon and will be ad hoc. The alternative is also that many people are in psychological denial that such a thing would happen and that their own authorities and politicians would do such things to them. This has also resulted in divorces already in many areas where one is dying and angry and the wife, also “vaccinated” is in denial that the cancers are occurring from the jabs.  Last year we reported that a SA magistrate said that the medical profession would never recover their credibility over the frauds perpetrated against the people. As the people wake up to what horrors have been inflicted on our people they will get more and more angry. The more the delusional idiots deny it the angrier the people will get. It is increasingly likely that civil war will follow. However, the Globalists are trying to incite conflict now in order to invoke martial law especially in the US so they can request UN assistance. The reality is that the Globalists are the weakest of the people and will collapse when faced with the conflicts.

The deliberate weaponising of Ukraine against Russia was the deliberate tool of the NATO forces and the bio-weapons labs in Ukraine and surrounding Russia could not be ignored. Merkel of Germany just confessed their complicity this week. Russia is still raining missiles down on Ukraine and the land force attacks will commence soon. The nuclear exchanges will happen soon after. Trust in God and stand in awe.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.