Sabbath  23/01/45/120

Dear Friends,

We have finished the feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread and we are all returning home.  We trust that everyone had a safe and happy feast and that we all had a peaceful time and safe travel. The paper this Sabbath for Study is the paper the Omer Count to Pentecost (No. 173) which began on the Wave Sheaf Offering on the First Day of the Week during the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

The teleconferences have proven most successful and the feast sites were able to communicate from all over the Americas and also in Asia and the Pacific from the Middle East and Australasia including the Subcontinent. The limited facilities in Africa and India were an exception but we will work to improve that aspect. The majority were reliant on the traditional sermons in Africa and India through their local ministers. We now have facilities in the teleconferences in two languages English and French, which serves most of the nations with some facility in either language.

Should anyone wish to participate in the services then they are welcome to apply for admission through the

We hope to continue with the gospels over the next few months now and finish them after Pentecost, and then publish them in hardback with the Twelve Prophets.

We have managed to publish a great deal of papers in many languages now. China alone downloads well over 400,000 papers a month in Bible studies, most of it in Chinese.

As we said the war in the Ukraine has escalated through the Donbas and we will deal with that aspect next Sabbath. The Russian flagship Moscva in the Black Sea was sunk by missiles fired from Ukraine. Russia’s General Staff has stated that the conflict has now become WWIII and it will continue to escalate. The Globalists in the EU, UK and AU, NZ and CA and the Deep State in the US bear full responsibility for this war and will pay for it and the damages of the poisons injected into the world. Many will be dead by the Jubilee under Messiah.

The process now is of sorting the elect out and of sifting the nations.  What will be left alive will be the Holy Seed as we are told by the prophets (cf. Isaiah 6:9-13 and see Commentary on Revelation (F066i,ii,iii, iv, v).
See also the Commentary on Daniel (F027ii, xii, xiii).

The Witnesses will be here soon. Do not lose faith.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.