Sabbath 20/03/45/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will study Commentary on Mark Part IV (F041iv). This week coming we will release Commentary on Luke Part I (F042). As part of that system I would like us to undertake a private study on The Bible (No. 164).  The text is 29 pages and the tapes are an hour long and there are four of them. We will see if we can reduce them in length but there is a lot of detail.  It is important that we understand the compilation of the Bible as we hope to finish the NT entirely by Tabernacles, if God is willing. Please see how we can fit the papers in over the next few weeks. It may have to be private study or split up over services.

There are a number of issues that are posing serious problems all over the world.  The immediate problems that CCG has are the wars in the Congo DR with the attacks by M23 rebels there. Our CCG Congolese refugee coordinators from Congolese refugee camps of Rwamwanja and Kyangwali Congolese refugee camps in Western Uganda are being inundated with refugees fleeing the Congo into Uganda. Last week alone 76 CCG families were forced to flee into Uganda. Most were women and children. These problems are happening weekly. We are sending sufficient funds to help feed them and get them resettled. Please pray for us to get some help and assistance to stop the attacks and murders. We also have problems in Kenya among our groups among the Turkana people with families struggling with orphans and schooling. We have large numbers in five camps in Uganda alone. Many also come from South Sudan into North and East Uganda. We have funded coffee trees also for small and medium scale projects.

On the brighter side we have been able to fund large scale fish farms in Uganda and our people are selling fish now locally and into the Congo DR directly. We are also assisting villages to plant bananas in both Uganda and the Congo. 20 plants will render a family sufficient for a weekly diet and the plants will remain and when the family can return, if they have had to flee, the plants are still there, or at least that is the hope and plan. We have also been able to fund Bible purchases in Zambia in both Bemba and English.

We are now about to commence work in Russian, Urdu and Hindi; and perhaps others. We are still at work on Acts in Chinese and then we will go on with the Gospels in Chinese. There are approx 500,000 hits a month in Chinese, now with one major city having 130,000 computers in one month logging in.  Also we are working on Indonesian and have done Revelation now in Indonesian and we will work on completing the NT in that language.

.What is being uncovered now is the increasing death levels and ongoing illnesses from Covid “vaxxes.”  Australia is regarded as a sporting nation but our people are now dying in their twenties to fifties, from what is now SADS. It initially stood for Sudden Arhythmia Death Syndrome but the corrupt MSM have now changed that to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and are declining to report it.  The victims appear to be all vaxxed. Our death rates are skyrocketing. It is being deliberately hidden. Dr Rado Faletic has slammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) adverse event reporting process, saying the medicines regulator tasked with vaccine safety surveillance was “simply uninterested” in investigating his symptoms despite submitting multiple reports.

“I’m similar to thousands of Aussies. After the vaccine I had a huge constellation of symptoms from head to toe,” the 46-year-old said, describing it as similar to “mutant long Covid”.

The WHO is now undertaking another investigation, and report on the leak from the lab at Wuhan. It appears they need to cover the huge liability claims that will eventuate against the Globalists and the Chinese. Africa will unravel it all first.  South Africans’ are now suing their president and central bank for liability and damages over the vaccines. It will then spread throughout Africa.

Russia has also been faced with over 55 Bioweapons labs set up in the Ukraine to attack them and they appear to have had no choice but to invade.

Another UN Globalist scam was also uncovered this month by a Norwegian scientist that has drilled the Greenland ice core and tests the entire core over the last 10,000 years. It appears that our records were started over 150 years ago and the temperatures that have risen were all taken from that point which was the lowest point in the core temperatures over 10,000 years. The rise was far less than 1.5 degrees but the temperature over the 10,000 years was far higher than five degrees overall. There is no Global Warming. In fact we are in a huge cool slump since the end of the Medieval Warm Period. Global Warming is a huge Globalist Marxist scam to pass power to the NWO under the UN. We Live in Cold Times - YouTube.  The scientists and the universities will be punished for this scam and the UN disbanded.

The Globalists think they can subdue the world and get away with the greatest genocide in the history of mankind. They will not get away with it. Either the world will hold them to account in the coming hostilities, or God will hold them to account under the Witnesses and the Messiah. The surety is that they will all be brought to account and punished. Do not doubt it.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General