Sabbath 180445120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will reissue F042iv  with more details on the fruit tree and its place in the Kingdom of God and the symbolism of the Holy Spirit (No. 117) and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit (No. 146). This problem was also studied in Samson and the Judges (No. 073). Therefore, we will study this topic along with the re-issue in Luke part iv.

Next week will see F042v and then the final issue of Luke the following week as F042vi.

Next week also, we plan to induct the new churches in the area of Morogoro, between the TZ capital and Dar E Salaam. Joash has the treatment under way and is recovering. He is one of the longest standing members of the COG in East Africa, having started the church at Kericho, when in the plantations there.  One can never tell who will survive and who will be discouraged with the adversity they face. Joash is still battling on as national head of CCG TZ.  

I was informed of an old friend who had gone blind and so I rang him and his wife to see how they were and he had become discouraged in the faith. Do not lose heart over this period ahead. Most of those who were self righteous or arrogant in the faith are all gone now, and the rest are part of a social club, here or there. It does not hurt or cost much to give encouragement to those who have been tried and are discouraged.

We are about to see the wars develop over the next few months. Be prepared. We are led to understand that there is a dirty bomb in New York, under cloak, so the wealthy can clear the population and preserve the buildings there.  That will not be permitted to succeed and the people behind such a plot will lose everything from which they are trying to benefit. See also New York Preparing for Nuclear Evacuation Plans - YouTube.

The Globalists are trying to increase the food shortages and famines and the farmers are rebelling in Europe over the Globalist restrictions. We will see how NATO will suffer over the war escalations ahead. It will go nuclear very soon. The US is being deliberately destroyed by the Globalists and the Marxists. The only way the current administration will have a chance of survival is to seize power under martial law. The same will occur in AU, NZ and Canada, but the Globalists will finally be removed and destroyed. Japan has seen Abe assassinated and the Globalists will scramble to establish power there. It is all a mess. By end 2026 power will be in the hands of the Loyal Host and the Demons will be in the pit of Tartaros for a thousand years. Do not lose faith.

Remember that God has reserved for Himself many thousands that have not bowed the knee to Baal and there are untold thousands now being called in preparation for the millennial system. In one city in China alone we have more computers downloading and studying than there were people in their entirety studying with WCG over the peak of its operations. Also in India we have had the WCG systems come in to CCG and then the COG (SD) groups also joined us. The 6000 from WCG, we had to remove. The few thousand of the COG (SD) have survived and remain productive to date, in over 15 district churches, and are translating into Telugu and Hindi. Africa has hundreds of thousands that are operating competently in many countries from East to West and South to North. They are scattered among all peoples including Islam. God is not on the side of the big battalions.

We are now about to be re-established, ready for the Messiah and the Loyal Host. Soon the Witnesses will take up on The Temple Mount, and the time for plausible deniability will be over. They will expose the fakes and there will be no more hiding. God is not interested in numbers.

Wade Cox      
Coordinator General