Sabbath 17/13/44/120

Dear Friends,

This is the Sabbath almost two weeks from the New Year which is on 1 Abib or Friday 1 April 2022.  Remember this coming year is the Third Year of the Sabbath cycle.  This is a Third Tithe year and we are all required to place our Second tithes into the Church Welfare fund in order that we may help the church over the next seven years of the cycles. It is required under the Laws of God as we see in the text Tithing (No. 161). We are all required to study this aspect and obey the Law.

We are also at the second half of the paper How God Became a Family (No. 187). It is important that we understand this aspect and are able to explain it to others who wish to understand Christianity.

Remember that we are also now from the The Moon and the New Year (No. 213) to embark on the Sanctification system which is covered in the paper Sanctification of the Nations (No. 077), and also Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241) and also The Sanctification of the Simple and Erroneous (No. 291) on the 7 Abib. All of this builds up to the Passover (No. 098). The Fast on 7 Abib is one of two mandatory Fasts kept by the Churches of God from the Temple period by Christ and the Apostles and the church in its entirety. Irenaeus was witness to that fact as we see in the paper 291. As a child he sat at John’s feet at Ephesus and spoke with the elders there, who knew Christ.  He was educated by Polycarp and was friends with Polycrates.

The Sanctification is most important in the preparation for the Passover and the Omer Count for Pentecost and the renewal of the Holy Spirit (No. 117).

We have tried to make our brethren comfortable over the Passover and Unleavened Bread. Funds have been sent to enable the refugees to be fed and given the papers to study over the Feast period. We will send the Feast Plans and the sermons to be studied there. We wish everyone a pleasant and fulfilling feast.

We wish everyone peace and happiness over the months ahead even if there is conflict among some nations. It is always in the Third Year of the cycle that great change is effected in the Churches of God. The Holy Spirit was given in the Third year of the First cycle in 30CE. CCG was formed and had its first service on the New Year of the Third year of the cycle. We expect this Third Year of the final cycle of this age to be very significant.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General