Sabbath 16/05/45/120

Dear Friends,

Today we release the part I of the Commentary on the Gospel of John (F043).We are on the last leg of the Commentary on the NT. This section may well be the most important text of the Bible Commentaries. It is fundamental to understanding the Nature of God and the sequence of God’s revelation. It is important we all study the text. We have to complete this work before Tabernacles and then the end can come.

Also we need to note what is happening now in relation to the Wars of the End. We are getting information now sent re the imminent invasion of Taiwan by China. The Taiwanese are saying that they believe that China will invade at any time over the next few weeks and within three months.  So based on what they are telling us, they think the invasion will occur any time between now and Tabernacles.  This is much in accord with what we have come to expect.  We said before Passover that this conflict would happen and could stretch out to the Seventh month and it has stumbled on from one crisis to the next.  China is playing a game of bluff and is trying to pick a fight so that they can take Taiwan and seize control of the area, without being obliterated and the US leadership is playing along with the game. Australia is run by idiots and traitors as is NZ and Canada and they will sell us all out. The Chinese need to have the traitors on side in the US and much of what has taken place is for show. The reality is that the Globalists have arranged to hand over control of Asia and the Pacific to China and they intend to take over and destroy the US and Commonwealth power and manufacturing and utilise its resources and raw materials. We have been, and are being, set up for the Empire of the Beast of the Ten Toes of Daniel (see F027ii xi, xii, xiii). We cannot run away from this sequence and only those that will be left alive at the end of it will be those who keep the Commandments of God and Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (Rev. 12:17 (F066iii); 14:12 (F066iv) and are Predestined (No. 296) to be part of the millennial system under Messiah. We are now going through the last days and the Completion of the Sign of Jonah (No. 013B). No one will escape the crisis and only the Holy Seed will survive (Amos 9:8-12; Isa. 6:9-13). The US and the British Commonwealth have become a corrupted sinful kingdom and people, and they are about to be cleansed with fire and sword, along with the whole world.

The Wars will occur in the South China Sea; from Ukraine into Europe and over the Middle East acting also into the Muslims in Europe. That will expand into the Middle East as we have explained previously.

As soon as the War of the Sixth Trumpet occurs (No. 141C), then the Witnesses will arrive and begin to deal with the world over the 1260 days of the Witnesses (No. 141D). Their first activities will be to clean out Judah of its false systems and calendar and also the Churches of God that are corrupted by the Jews and Hillel. They will start with their rabbis and religious leaders (Jas. 3:1). Then they will deal with the people with fire and drought and the plagues of God, in the Trumpets, which will simply continue to expand along with the plagues of Egypt. The religious hypocrites will not escape, and they cannot blame anyone, because of their own sinful conduct. The Mystery and Sun Cults will be eradicated by the Empire of the Beast itself, which will turn against the Whore and destroy it completely in all its branches (No. 299B) (see also No. 288). The Demons will clean the system out, and God will allow it, as it suits His plan and purpose (see No. 001A). Christ will then eradicate the world military systems at Armageddon (No. 141E) and in the world as they resist him (No. 141E_2).

It is simple. Repent! Keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ (see above).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General