Sabbath 15/6/45/120

Dear Friends,

Last Sabbath we mentioned the Third years of the Sabbath cycles of the 120th jubilee. In each year of the cycles we have observed the repeated problems in the financial systems in the US and consequently in the world nations over the Third years of the Sabbath cycles. Donovan Schricker CCG Audio minister for North America and New Moons (English) has provided this table and Russell Hilburn and I have been discussing the implications of this aspect for 2022 which is the Third year of this final Seventh Cycle of the 120th Jubilee, ending in March 2023. These aspects are also covered in part in the Commentary on the Gospel of John V (F043v).

120th Jubilee

First Sabbath Cycle: 1978-1984

Third Year: 1980
Unemployment jumped sharply to 6.9% in April 1980 and to 7.5% in May 1980. A mild recession from January to July 1980 kept unemployment high. Inflation rates rose throughout the late-1970s, reaching double-digit levels in 1979 and peaking at 22% in 1980. As a result, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to stop the rising inflation, which slowed down the economy (GDP dropped over 2%) and caused unemployment to spike to 7.8%. The Fed lowered interest rates again in mid-1980, giving the economy a chance to rebound and ending a brief, six-month recession. Wikipedia, CNBC

Second Sabbath Cycle:  1985-1991

Third Year: 1987
The first contemporary global financial crisis unfolded in the autumn of 1987 on a day known infamously as “Black Monday.”1  A chain reaction of market distress sent global stock exchanges plummeting in a matter of hours. In the United States, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) dropped 22.6 percent in a single trading session, a loss that remains the largest one-day stock market decline in history.2  At the time, it also marked the sharpest market downturn in the United States since the Great Depression. Federal Reserve History

Third Sabbath Cycle: 1992-1998

Third Year: 1994
The 1994 bond market crisis, or Great Bond Massacre, was a sudden drop in bond market prices across the developed world.[1][2] It began in Japan and the United States (US), and spread through the rest of the world.[3] After the recession of the early 1990s, historically low interest rates in many industrialized nations preceded an unexpectedly volatile year for bond investors, including those that held on to mortgage debts. Over 1994, a rise in rates, along with the relatively quick spread of bond market volatility across international borders, resulted in a mass sell-off of bonds and debt funds as yields rose beyond expectations. This was especially the case for instruments with comparatively longer maturities attached. Some financial observers argued that the plummet in bond prices was triggered by the Federal Reserve's decision to raise rates by 25 basis points in February, in a move to counter inflation.[4] At about $1.5 trillion in lost market value across the globe, the crash has been described as the worst financial event for bond investors since 1927.[1][5] Wikipedia



Fourth Sabbath Cycle: 1999-2005

Third Year: 2001
The 2001 recession was an eight-month economic downturn that began in March and lasted through November. The 9/11 attack worsened the downturn. The markets closed for several days after the attacks, and the New York Stock Exchange did not reopen until Sep. 17, 2001.7 That day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) had its largest one-day drop, falling 684.81 points or -7.1%. The Dot-Bomb Recession: March 2001–November 2001, Duration: Eight months GDP decline: 0.3%, Peak unemployment rate: 5.5%, Reasons and causes: The collapse of the dotcom bubble contributed to one of the mildest recessions on record following what was then the longest economic expansion in U.S. history.39 The Fed raised the fed funds rate from 4.75% in early 1999 to 6.5% by July 2000. The Sept. 11 attacks and the associated economic disruptions may have hastened the recession's end by encouraging the Fed to keep cutting the Fed funds rate. The Balance, Investopedia

Fifth Sabbath Cycle: 2006-2012

Third Year: 2008
The financial crisis of 2008, or Global Financial Crisis (GFC), was a severe worldwide economic crisis that occurred in the early 21st century. It was the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression (1929). Predatory lending targeting low-income homebuyers,[1] excessive risk-taking by global financial institutions,[2] and the bursting of the United States housing bubble culminated in a "perfect storm." Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) tied to American real estate, as well as a vast web of derivatives linked to those MBS, collapsed in value. Financial institutions worldwide suffered severe damage,[3] reaching a climax with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, and a subsequent international banking crisis.[4] Wikipedia

Sixth Sabbath Cycle: 2013-2019

Third Year: 2015
America lost its momentum at the end of 2015. The U.S. economy only grew 0.7% between October and December. It's the slowest pace since the first quarter of 2015, when the economy grew at a 0.6% pace as parts of the country battled with blizzards and businesses shutting down. The slowdown in the last three months of 2015 is more worrisome. A global economic slowdown appears to be finally weighing heavily on the American economy. Despite a strong job market, other signs point to slowing growth. American manufacturing, which makes up 10% of the economy, is in a recession and the industry's key index, ISM, has declined for six straight months. CNN

Seventh Sabbath Cycle: 2020-2026

Third Year: 2022
So what might be expected in this Third year of the Last cycle of the 120th jubilee at the end of the 6000 years of Satan’s rule from the Closure of Eden? We have warned that the Globalists are setting the world up for a massive financial crisis to destroy the Free World Economies for the NWO. The Globalists have used the Global Warming scam to increase electricity and heating costs to over 250% as of now and limit manufacturing and food capacity.  The Communist Globalists have the US Democrats by the throat and are trying to destroy the US. So also are the Communist Globalists trying to cripple the AU and Canadian and NZ Coal and Natural Gas industries using the Global Warming Scam. So also is it with the UK and Ireland. This Northern winter will be the greatest energy crisis the EU and UK has faced. So also will this manufactured crisis in the US, CA, AU, NZ, prove a great trial for the populations of each nation all over the world. The world’s people will be driven to violence over this manufactured crisis of the Globalists. The wars will be catastrophic as Scripture foretells. The world will be in such dire straits in this NWO of the Beast, that the Messiah and the Host will be sent by God to save what is left of the world. By the time Christ has straightened the world out, for the Millennium, there will be less than 10% left alive and that will be only the Holy Seed. Not one Globaliist, politician or banker who engineered this crisis will be left alive. The city of Davos and its WEF will have ceased to exist. The EU and UN and the Vatican will be in ashes and the Last Pope (No. 288) dead, taken out and executed over the bodies of his priests (see the demons warnings at Fatima above). Jerusalem will be under Christ and the Host for the Millennium and Judah and the world will repent or be dead. The demons will all be in the Pit of Tartaros for 1000 years. Everyone alive will be serving the One True God under Christ as High Priest (see Commentary on John Part V (F043v).

Famine was baked into the cake in January of 2020 when the supply chain was shut down. Petroleum costs were set to soar when Biden declared war on the petroleum industry. Synthetic fertilizer costs crippled food production. Once the harvest reports are in for the season, panic will set in. Our food processing and petroleum processing are under attack.  We are at war with someone. The best explanation of our situation is an interview between Jordan Peterson andMichael Yon. Michael Yon isa war correspondent and a student of history. He did not go to Ukraine, because no one will care about Ukraine when the famine starts. There will be cannibalism. He is not a prophet, just a student of history.  He says that the UK will be the next to fall in the cascade of collapse. Jordan Peterson is a psychologist and a student of tyranny. The train has jumped the tracks, and we are just waiting for the cars to pile up. 

There is also a correlation between the third year of the Sabbath Cycle and Psalm 82, which was sung on the third day of the week in the Temple. The Tithe of the third year is for the Levite, the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow. Psalm 82 says to give justice to the weak and fatherless, and rescue the poor and helpless.

God uses the Third years of the cycles to bring about change. Christ declared the Jubilee at Atonement 27 CE and the Church was granted the Holy Spirit in 30 CE the third year of the First cycle of the 81st jubilee at Pentecost after Christ had been executed by the Stauros. Judah was then placed on forty years probation and the Temple was destroyed and Judah dispersed and sold into slavery in 70 CE (see War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298)).  In 1987 the Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) began in the Third year of the Second Cycle above. In 1994, the Third Year of the Third Cycle, the Churches of God were spewed from the Mouth of God and scattered to the winds, and CCG was formed to complete this work of the last days.

From this last cycle of the 120th jubilee which is the End of this Age, the great crises of the world will be brought about in what will be the last Empire of the Ten Toes spoken of by the prophet Daniel (F027ii, xi, xii, xiii). Christ will come to save we who eagerly await him (Heb. 9:28) after the Two Witnesses have prophesied for 1260 days and lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem over the Four Days (No. 141D). On the morning of the Fourth Day Messiah and the host will arrive and begin the Wars of Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E). The nations will make War Against Christ (No. 141E_2) and only the Holy Seed will survive the coming tribulation (Amos 9:9-15; Isa. 6:9-13). It does not matter where anyone hides God will deal with them (Amos 9:1)

We are now at the stage that the Churches of God having no Place of Safety (No. 194) except in the Hand of God (No. 194B). They are now denying that there will be any Tribulation and many even deny that Christ had any Prexistence (No. 243), following Antinomian Gnostics and the demons to avoid dealing with Christ giving the law to Israel through Moses. People who teach such errors will not go into the Millennium unless they repent. Also a coward will not inherit the Kingdom of God.


Wade Cox Coordinator General, Russell Hilburn Deputy Coordinator General, Donovan Schricker, Audio Evangelist