Sabbath 15/6/45/120B


Dear Friends,

We learned this morning that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II died in the UK with her family by her side. The court and the nations of the Commonwealth will be in mourning now for some time.

Her majesty has been a symbol of stability and grace throughout her reign and is dearly loved by all who served her. I was born at the end of WWII and King George VI died when I was young and her majesty was crowned and came to Australia soon after.  Her motorcade came past my aunt’s house and we all lined the streets waving and cheering. I thought that she looked beautiful in her open car cavalcade. She is the only sovereign most of us have known. When I was a Captain I was given the task of senior usher to the Diplomatic corps at the Silver Jubilee parade at Parliament House. Everything she did was with grace and dignity. She will be sorely missed.

This year is the Third year of the Seventh Sabbath Cycle of the 120th Jubilee. It is always the year in which God implements change as we see from the main Sabbath Message this week. We have just over four years to the Jubilee and the coming of the Messiah at the Completion of the Sign of Jonah (No. 013B). In many ways it is a blessing she did not have to end her reign in the incredible tribulation ahead. She did not deserve that trial. If the King continues to be involved with these Globalists and the Great Reset there is no doubt he will face serious problems ahead. He has to try and hold on to the throne until Messiah comes whose right it is.

May God bless and help our people around the world over the troubles ahead.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General