Sabbath 10/13/44/120

Dear Friends,

We are watching now as the Wars of the End play themselves out over the Wars of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets. All of this is in accordance with the Plan of God in the Creation.  That aspect is explained in the very act of the creation itself.  The Creation of the Spiritual and the Physical universe is explained in the text How God Became a Family (No. 187).  That work will explain why the Creation was an entirely monotheist structure from the One True God, and why the Dualist/Binitarian/Trinitarian doctrines of the Churches of God over the 20th and 21st centuries will exclude their people and particularly their ministry from the First Resurrection (No. 143A). (cf. No. 076, 076B, 127B). It is important that we can all explain to them their errors and bring them to repentance. God has allowed these wars and foretold them in Scripture as part of the teaching process.  The wars are of themselves part of the teaching process in the Plan of Salvation (No. 001A) and necessary for the development of the Elect as Elohim (No. 001). In the NM Message 2014 we said:
‘’That is exactly what they did and even worse. Russia invaded the Ukraine and the “News from the North and the East” that will alarm this beast are now commencing to emanate from Ukraine and all over the Southern steppes.’’

The War in the Ukraine is developing as we said, and the NATO Globalists are moving aircraft into the Ukraine from Poland, in addition to other munitions. So also the president of Belarus disclosed this week another target of the Russian invasions, which he revealed by accident, in using his strategic maps to the media, that another target of the Russian Belarus alliance is Moldova. That objective was only to be expected, as it was part of the old Soviet Union, which Putin intends to reclaim. There is another major factor and that is that the Globalists  arranged to use the Ukraine for the production of biochemical weapons and the labs in Ukraine were run from the US and there were at least two centres, the first reportedly was Boca Raton and the second, Ft Detrick and at UNC.   US-Funded Labs Producing Something Much Worse Than Covid | Patriot Edition These Globalists provoked this war; not Russia. So also Macron is warning that Russia will continue with the invasion in order to completely take over Ukraine. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ After Call With Vladimir Putin | The Conservative View.  So also Biden has refused to accept Poland’s offer of their MIG 26 aircraft offered to the US to be delivered to Germany. They refuse to admit that the Globalists caused this conflict and the Main Stream Media, using straight out lies, ignited the conflict to WWIII. When the world realises that it is the Globalists, operating from the EU, using the five eyes countries, that contrived to bring about this war they will make them pay and over time they will be punished, and when Christ, arrives the Globalists responsible will repent or die. None of the system they sought to bring about, including the UN, will be allowed to exist.
Russia is recruiting urban fighters from Syria and the Middle East as well as the Chechens to fight as mercenaries in Ukraine.
Also Russia has ended cooperation with the European Space Agency at the launch site.
Russia Recalls Space Personnel As Cooperation Project Ends Suddenly | Royal Patriot
They knew Decades ago that if they tried to expand NATO to Russia’s border it would provoke Russia to attack.
A Surprising Explanation Of Russia's Invasion From A Former Top-Level CIA Official | ZeroHedge

This war of the Sixth Trumpet is the final war of the end in order to establish the Sixth Kingdom of Daniel in the Empire of the Ten Toes (cf. Commentary on Daniel (F027ii, xiii). This war was and is intended, by the demons, to kill a third of mankind (cf. F066ii). There is no peace possible under the Demons as we showed last Sabbath. The war has been planned for years and years. Biden and McCain’s visit to the Ukraine demonstrated that fact.  Trump stopped it and that was why they had to get rid of him.
The world needs to purge these Globalists from their administrations.  At present the military column outside of Kyiv is stalled for no obvious reason and there are few soldiers evident. 'Something Must Be Wrong': Why Hasn't the 40-Mile Russian Convoy Outside Kyiv Moved in Days? - Truth Press If they have a sham peace, as offered by Putin this week, it will simply be to develop the next phase. The air attacks at Mariupol this week have blown up the Maternity and Children’s Hospital; hence labelled a war crime. The news media simply continues from lie to lie.  The war is intended to combine the Globalist leaders in control with the elimination of a third of humanity and the fusion of the Globalists under the NWO, with total social controls. They will be allowed 42 months after the war and then the One True God will send Messiah. The Messiah will come with the Host to place the demons in Tartaros and totally eradicate the NWO. It is this final sequence that we must endure to attain the Resurrection and the millennial system under Christ in the service of the One True God who is Father of all and who sent Jesus Christ (Jn. 17:3).

WeAdar is allegedly planned by the Khazars to be a part of the collapse. The sanctions against Russia will have a flow on effect to the US. The Globalists have planned destructive polities to the US system. They have been released through the US puppets and appear as the stupidity of Biden’s policies over US oil production and the alleged corruption of the Democrats stopping the pipeline in favour of Buffett’s train system for Democrat donations. All of the irrational decisions down to the COVID mandates are designed to destroy the US and reduce its people and military capacity, using the convenient idiots in the Congress on both sides. 11 March 2022 is thought to see a financial collapse planned. The US petro-dollars may well be forced to collapse over 13-18 March through that week, which is the Hillel/Talmudic Purim using the Hillel Calendar and Talmudic doctrines. 

Putin wants all banking in Russia within its own systems by this time. They are also to use the Chinese credit card system.  The Western Central Banking system is expected to collapse from now on due to their misconduct and the war. China will support the credit system for Russia and elsewhere. The US will be limited once the petro dollar system fails. The ridiculous additions to the money supply in the US under the Biden Administration is designed to destroy them and the US people are too stupid to realise what is being done to them, as are the Canadians and UK, AU and NZ. The Sixth Empire of the Ten Toes (F027ii, xii, xiii) is made of iron and miry clay and as such has all the weakness of the Fifth Empire plus the regional distortions of the Ten Toes.  For that reason their reliance on the digital structure of the Social Credit System will seek to enslave mankind. That will turn the people against them and awaken the resentment of the masses. The MSM is critical to their maintenance of control.

The aim of the demons is to eliminate the nations that comprise the nation of Israel. Most people do not know what it is they do in assisting the demons. That is why Christ is sent by God to stop the system and install the Millennium.

He who endures to the end will be saved. Most do not understand what is to befall them, or what it is that God requires of them, even though He has told them over the ages. They simply will not listen and are lied to by their priests and ministers.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.