Sabbath 10/09/45/120

Dear Friends,

This week we have completed the Commentary on Joshua Part V (F006v). This text shows the continuation of the plan of God in prophecy and history to the current day and foretells what is to become of the Churches of God and the millennial system, and what God intends for mankind.

As part of the plan of God it is important that we understand what is expected of us, and, if we wish to survive, we had better do what God expects of us. We are now in the last days and we are in the Wars of the Fifth and the Sixth Trumpets and we are about to see the major element of the Sixth Trumpet initiated.

Important updates are at the urls and should be listened to for awareness as to what is ahead.
Ukraine Russia War Status update - Col Doug Macgregor - YouTube,
Douglas Macgregor - Russia Pummels Strategic Targets in Ukraine - YouTube and
Ukraine war latest news: 'Massive attack imminent' amid high activity at Russian air base (

So we understand the harsh reality, these figures will help. There are well over:

The Russians, including Belarus, will have no hesitation in launching massive strikes in retaliation for any use of nuclear weapons by any opposing forces.

As we saw from the beginning of the war the condition of the frozen ground determines the opening of the offensives. It did not occur until 20 February 2022 due to other political considerations, chiefly in China.  This winter the freeze is expected to allow armoured movements from 10-19 December.  Given that window we may expect preliminary bombardments and offensives to commence from 8 December and armour etc movements from 10-19 December with extended Bomber operations from 10-12 December onwards. Missile strikes are now occurring all over Ukraine.
Economic offensives will coincide with the ground offensives as will operations in the Middle East.
Electro-Magnetic Warfare and Pulse operations may well follow on all over the world. These attacks are designed to collapse the power grids and immobilise production and cause massive collapse in the civil infrastructure.

As soon as this offensive turns nuclear and the NWO is declared we can expect the Witnesses as prophesied by God. Stand still and see the salvation of our God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General