Sabbath 09/01/45/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will study the paper Tithing (No. 161). This year is a Third year of the cycle and is a Third Tithe year.   Simply put that means that each person is to place all their second tithe into the church welfare fund to fund all welfare expenses over the next Seven Years of the cycle plus the Jubilee Year of 2027. The matter of Tithing is a matter between the individual and God.  However, the church cannot function without each person paying their tithes in all good conscience.  Each Church of God’s people are protected by their tithes and they are tested on this and in turn they can test God on the tithes and He has told them so.  If you are suffering from devastation and disaster and disease then look at your relationship with God and your fiduciary duty.  If you are suffering then what is it that you are doing that is contrary to God’s laws.

From this year onwards the world is about to go into the Great Tribulation or Holocaust and your capacity to survive will depend on how close and faithful you are to God and His Laws. Each of the so called Churches, including the Jews, will begin to suffer the plagues of Egypt. Antinomians that teach that the Law of God is done away will begin to die. So also those who keep the false Hillel Calendar (195, 195c) or no Calendar at all will commence to suffer the Nexus of the Law. That will continue to increase in pressure until you repent or you will die. It is no longer a matter of people being saved by the efforts of others and doing nothing themselves to help.

This is the greatest test the Adamic creation has seen since the flood. What will be saved is the Holy Seed and if you do not keep God’s Calendar (No. 156) and the Law of God (L1) then you will die. You will also watch the ministry that teaches you to keep the Hillel Calendar and that you do not have to keep the Law and the Feast of the Passover and Unleavened Bread and all the Feasts and New Moons and Sabbaths, die before your eyes, and you will follow them.  The time is running out and the last days are upon us. Repent and be baptised and keep the Law and the Testimony and the Faith of Jesus Christ.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General