Sabbath Message 8/6/45/120

Dear Friends,

Today we deal with Commentary on the Gospel of John Part IV (F043iv).   We have also more or less finished Part V and we are working on the Harmony of the Gospels F043vi which will be issued the week after next. The great news is that we will have then finished the books of the Bible from Daniel to Revelation and a few earlier on.

We should all be aware that things are moving ahead quite dramatically in the US and also in the Commonwealth. The corruption now among our people is seriously destroying us. Our people are getting very angry and over the next two months we will see reactions in the US, AU, NZ, CA and UK and in the EU. We have to remove the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats from both sides of the parliaments and administrations.

The Globalist induced Global Warming Scam is aimed at destroying our economic security, also the destruction of the fossil fuel production will place us on the brink of catastrophe and we must resist these gullible fools. So also we must outlaw the WEF and its minions from holding office in our nations. So also we must secure our borders and outlaw these groups trying to weaken our sovereignty. We do not have time to wait until 2024 to change the US leadership. Does the Commonwealth have time anywhere to waste? What plan might they implement?

The US midterms are the key to the puzzle.  There should be a massive swing against the Democrats and RINOs. The Republicans should take the House and the Senate in spite of what McConnell is saying for political reasons. If they are successful and take control they are then able to place Trump in as Speaker, if the House nominates him, which they can legally do. The next step is to impeach Biden and Harris and then place Trump as President from the speaker’s chair, which is the seniority under the constitution.

Unlike 2016, Trump must then act quickly, with totally loyal subordinates, and disband the FBI and the CIA, handing the powers back to the Marshalls Office, and the Military, and take on the media. They have to disband Soros orgs and the Antifa, BLM, WEF, Skull and Bones and Trilateral Commission, Jesuits, Masons, etc. groups, as terrorist anti-democratic organisations. The Democrats will no doubt try to preserve their position over the midterms. They can do that by initiating hostilities with Russia and China and Iran and declaring martial law in the US. The Pfizer plan we have seen was to do that any time from May onwards.

No matter what they do, the wars will be forced on us by the Globalists and the demons intend to destroy our power, and they will try to eradicate us. We cannot afford to allow this to stumble on from crisis to crisis under corrupt idiots, who are seeking to destroy our democracies and our people.

Next week we will also deal with the financial crisis that has been with us this jubilee over the third year of every cycle. From the last Jubilee year in 1977, the Globalists have been working to collapse our finances for many decades. This year is also the Third year of the Seventh and last cycle of the 120th jubilee, and we will examine that aspect. The greatest crisis in the history of mankind is before us, and  a coward will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Only the Holy Seed will survive this phase of the Last Days (Isa. 6:9 -13).

Encourage one another.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General