Sabbath 02/10/45/120

Dear Friends,

Today we will study the paper Commentary on Ezekiel Part 3 (F026iii).
We are becoming concerned that the church is not learning at a satisfactory rate in the nations that do not have adequate computer access. It is important that each Sabbath and New Moon and Holy Day/Feasts that the papers and tapes are used so that each person gains the proper education materials, so that they can develop their understanding of the Bible structure. Each of the baptised members of the faith is judged on a standard that is high in its requirements for understanding and conformity to the Laws of God (L1). Each person on baptism (No. 052), and the laying on of hands for the Holy Spirit (No. 117), enters into a Covenant (No. 152) with God as part of the Body of Christ. Many of our ministers, who are newly ordained, simply do not know enough themselves to ignore the papers and teach CCG Bible doctrines without reference or guidance. That is why we issue the papers and the Sabbath Messages to the ministry each week and month and for the feasts to be used as lesson plans.  That is also why we issue thumb-drives of the CCG website for ease of access.  If you have a computer and not got one then ask for one and copy one for every computer in your congregation. That is what our tithes (No. 161) are for. If you are not tithing then you are jeopardising your chance of the First Resurrection (No. 143A).

Also we expect the fellowship forms to be completed for each baptised member.  If you have not completed the form you are not part of CCG and will never have membership. Also if you are not registered you are ineligible for any finance and support for projects. It is not rocket science. Process your paperwork to be a member.  If you do not you are not eligible for any assistance.  The year 2023 will be probably the most serious year in the history of mankind. Massive numbers will die, and people will keep dying until 2027.  Our job is to keep our people alive until the Messiah and the Millennium so that we can be in either the First Resurrection (No. 143A) or the Millennium in whichever one God chooses to place us. If you are not being taught from the correct papers and tapes then your minister is sabotaging your capacity to enter the Resurrection. You need to correct that error and we need to be informed.

CCG has developed this system so that we can reach everyone everywhere with the same standard of education, no matter what the language, anywhere in the world. So also in backward countries that think they do God a favour by limiting female education, we can educate men, women, and children at home through the tapes and lesson plans. Soon enough we will commence examinations to qualify for education certificates in subjects and languages to enable access to employment and higher education. When Messiah returns we will commence the world education system from HQ in Jerusalem and each nation and system will be uniform and free, and compulsory everywhere.

We all have to learn and to educate each of us in the faith as we join, or grow up in the church. Be diligent in the Truth (No. 168).

Wade Cox
Coordinator General