New Moon 1/13/44/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of We Adar the intercalary month of the 44th year. From the 19th of last month we saw Ukraine betrayed by these Globalists of the NWO and particularly Biden, with his interminable idiocy, such that on 19 Adar Russia had reached critical mass on the border at 185,000 troops and launched preliminary bombardments using special forces and treasonous Ukrainian irregulars.  The Russian armed forces entered the Donbass region and the Duma declared those two regions separatist states contrary to law and endorsed military deployment there. The Russians also entered Belarus and attacked Ukraine from Belarus. They then began destroying all the armament dumps all over Ukraine by missiles and attacks. By 26 February 2022 the Russian forces were 20 miles from Kiev (Kyiv) and by nightfall they began shelling and entered the city. Ukraine braces against Russian invasion as Kyiv faces onslaught ( Putin is relocating Chechen forces into Ukraine in large numbers. They will precede the Muslim activation in the West.  Chechen leader, a close Putin ally, says his forces have deployed to Ukraine | Reuters. Ukraine has prohibited all males 18 to 60 from leaving Ukraine while martial law is in effect.

President Biden had already signalled to Putin that he might tolerate a minor incursion in the Ukraine. What sort of a mind would say that to a leader of another country about to unlawfully attack a neighbour? In addition to that, the US was provided with the plans of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Biden gave the plans to China, who in turn handed them on to Russia. The people involved would be already dead following normal practice in Russia. The man and his handlers and staff are a danger to all NATO and Allied states around the world. He has to be impeached and removed. So also the President of France and its spokesmen denied that Russia had actually invaded Ukraine. Germany was also allowed to not provide assistance and maintain its pipeline from Russia. The USA allowed this aspect to be free from the sanction regime. It was all German tokenism. The end result is that Russia has effectively annexed the Ukraine, suffered no serious reaction from 2014 to the present, and is now poised ready to continue on into Europe, depending on what happens with the next phase, with China and Iran. NATO is only now reacting Russia invades Ukraine live updates: Friday news | NPR. The token sanctions may have to be enforced to stop the NATO Globalist stooges in Europe from being removed and executed by the people. The EU has just now taken Russia from the Swift banking system (although there are some exceptions designed to bypass the sanctions, when it suits them). The sanctions on the Russian Central Bank are having the effect of depressing the rouble and it had dropped by 25% as of AM 1 March 2022 and now below 30%. There will be a run on the banks due to transfer limitations. From this report we also see that Biden has assisted Putin in this crisis by limiting the pipeline constructions and inducing the US economic oil and inflationary crisis. The Rouble will drop further over the weeks affecting the limited income people. So also will the Markets drop. The main Russian interest rate is now at 20%.  It will be difficult to avoid the Russian crisis Russian economic collapse will be hard to avoid | Reuters. Also it is reported that the EU has kicked Russia from the Eurovision Song contest. That will teach them. Trump has stated these sanctions are simply not enough Trump Says Biden Can’t Handle Russia’s Next Aggressive Move | The Right Wing Rebel.  He agrees that the conflict will lead to other nations and possibly WWIII, which is correct. They will not avoid WWIII with this buffoonery. John Kerry reveals the real enemy is Climate Change and Clinton attacks anyone who disagrees with her and her buffoons. Also, the US Administration went to China for help against Russia invading Ukraine, when Russia and China have planned this war from the outset. It is incredible. Putin warned Finland not to consider engaging with NATO or he would punish them severely, to which they replied that it seems they have no choice but to join with NATO. Zelensky has also now called on the EU to admit Ukraine to the EU (ABC report). The President of the EU has agreed.

Biden and Trudeau are sock puppets in the hands of the globalists and it appears Biden will be used to initiate the nuclear exchanges under direction and then be removed. So also is it the case with politicians in AU and NZ, no matter what party is in government.

The effects of the War of the Fifth Trumpet (cf. No. 141C) induced by the Globalists to kill many of the world’s populace is still ongoing. The NZ courts have just ruled that the COVID mandates are illegal there as indeed they are illegal in AU and elsewhere. However the Globalist puppets in the ABC and other media are trying to revive the old Wuhan Market lie to protect the Globalist tools from the massive insurance and criminal litigation that is now flowing from those nations conned by the Big Pharma Corporations and the Globalist political stooges. The US and BC have to clean their political systems simply to survive as a people. The further bio-weapon assaults will involve Marburg Virus and Smallpox, Ricin, and many weaponised viruses: 
The Globalists will fight the reforms, but it will happen in total by 2026, and see all of them repentant or dead (see below).

Israeli News has reported that a dirty bomb is being moved around NY and the Globalist Jews there are involved, as they seem to have been in 9/11, and families are moving out of NY to the country residences in upstate NY, but in the winter rather than the summer. They seem to expect another false flag. 

China is watching with keen interest what NATO does with Russia.  They are overflying Taiwan and their spokesmen have served notice on Taiwan that they could attack at any time. What should have been done was to warn Russia and China that if they set foot on Ukraine or Taiwan then WWIII would be initiated immediately and that all their cities would be immediate targets.  As it is they will be targets anyway and the Ukraine has been effectively lost and one third of the world will die as part of this Globalist plan.

Russian attacks have damaged a nuclear waste facility near Kiev already. The Russians targeted the Bio-weapons facilities in Ukraine, run from the Bio-weapons facility in Boca Raton Florida. The oil depot at Kiev has been blown up. Increased nuclear radiation has also been detected from Chernobyl Ukraine Warns Of ‘Ecological Disaster’ As Russian Troops Attack Chernobyl | Deep State Tribunal. Russia is now attacking civilians and apartment blocks. The fight is escalating and Russia has clear air superiority. However the 24 y.o. Ukrainian pilot, called the Ghost of Kyiv, has shot down 10 Russian planes as of AM 28 Feb. 2022. He was already acknowledged as an ace from his first five kills. These are morale boosters, as were the heroes of Snake Island. Russia had ordered the forces to broaden their advance from all fronts on 27 Feb. Kiev was under siege that night of 27 Feb.  Civilians have taken up arms with the soldiers to defend the capital under the declaration of emergency. Ukraine is holding on, although the Russians have captured one city as of 1 March 2022.

Putin has paid the Wagner group, an army of mercenaries controlled by the Russian Oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, to assassinate Zelensky and the second conference on talks with Russia may well see Zelensky killed or captured, which is another known Russian tactic.

Russia has also been reported as using banned Thermobaric or Vacuum Bombs in the Ukraine.

Russian Advances Phase II
Putin sees himself as a new Czar along the lines of Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great, both of whom seized half of the Ukraine each, placing all Ukraine under Russian control and expanded Russian Territory into Europe. He is not a Globalist, and thus the Globalists now wish to depose him. They are attacking his mental stability, and are using the Globalists and MSM in the US and EU to do so. He understands power extremely well, and Biden is simply out of his depth dealing with Putin. NATO cannot allow Biden any further involvement in any dealings with either China or Russia.  He is hopelessly compromised with both nations, as are Pelozi and Schumer, McConnell, Graham and the Senior General Staff. Opinion is that Putin is getting irrational, but that may well be Globalist propaganda. Also the fact that sanctions on the Central Bank of Russia means he cannot use his 630 billion dollar war chest is further stressing him. Most of the sanctions were not designed to affect German oil and gas imports and the sanctions will take over a month to take effect. It is tokenism.  Make the US energy independent. Continue the pipeline. Biden is on leave at Delaware instead of at his desk with NATO.

Putin has only deployed half of his forces into Ukraine to date. The reason is twofold.  Firstly he is not overloading his lines of supply, which are reaching overload now, but also he has maintained a reserve that can be deployed into the Baltic States immediately and he is maintaining a force able to be lodged as the Northern Force into Finland and then Scandinavia and also with the Central Force to be lodged into Poland and Eastern Europe. 
A Southern Force will also be dispatched through Serbia into the Balkans with the attacks.  As a result, they underestimated the Ukrainian opposition, which will require Russian reinforcement there to effect regime change.

In preparation for this event Putin has reversed the blame and responsibility and blamed NATO for escalating tensions, and so he stated he placed the Russian Nuclear Forces on high alert further increasing the risk of error and engagement. This is a bit of a tautology as the Nuclear Forces are always at high alert given the short lead times. Russia and China and Pakistan and Iran are poised to follow on with their operations after the move into Europe and thousands of Chechen Islamist fighters are in Ukraine now. They are fighting there now and are preparing to deploy into Europe. They will then be followed by regular tank armies from Russia. They will seek to restore the post WWII lines and if possible subjugate all of Europe. Iran will move into Iraq and Syria and then attack Israel via the Golan and with Hezbollah from the North and Gaza from the Southwest. Also massive convoys of Russians vehicles were heading to Kyiv on 28 February 2022. Russia took the second city on 28 February 2022. Elon Musk has provided satellite assistance from 28 February to Ukraine to prevent further cyber attacks. Elon Musk Rescues Ukrainian Forces With One Push Of A Button | The Right Wing Rebel

The Russians are waiting to see if the US is bluffed and tries to negotiate, and back out of the conflict; which may even be the plan given to Biden. The Baltic States are clearly NATO partners and so is Poland. Finland has already signalled its intention of joining NATO. Given the strategic balance, the NATO forces will probably be forced into the Nuclear Exchange. There is certainly worldwide rage at the Russian invasion. If Putin initiates or forces this exchange, then Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major centres, will be obliterated, along with the Naval facilities in the Crimea, and at Vladivostok. It also depends on what the Russian Generals do and Belarus may well change sides if committed to battle. Putin may well be removed from office, following this debacle. They may not wish him to survive under re-election to 2029. For all those reasons China will not attack Taiwan until it is clear that the nuclear exchanges are prevented. So also Iran will not initiate an exchange with Israel and Saudi Arabia assisted by Pakistan. If or, when the nuclear exchanges occur, then China will be targeted along with Russia and then the major cities of China will also be nuked. Once this occurs, the anti CCP forces in China, of which there are many, will rise and seek to crush the CCP. They may well succeed in the chaos. However, that is not the Globalists plan.  They support China and it is Soros and the Globalists supporting the Ukraine because Putin is not a Globalist supporting the NWO. The anti-CCP groups will certainly be supported by all their neighbours.

The US has over 100,000 troops in the EU. Another 14,000 recently deployed and many more it seems. Germany as of 28 February has reported US troops all over its airports being redeployed, seemingly to the East. This deployment appears to be preparation for the probable Russian invasion of the NATO States in Eastern Europe.

The Chechen force will initiate attacks with the Muslim activists in the EU and UK also, with the Iranian and other lines of communications. Macron, Merkel and the Globalists under Rothschild have gravely weakened the EU and as a result they may all be tried and executed, along with the Globalists elsewhere. There will be massive war crimes committed there. It is the practice of the Russian and Islamist forces. There will be trials come out of this war. That fact will not, however, stop the NWO under the Ten Toes of the Empire of the Beast forming immediately following the War (see below) (cf. also Commentary on Daniel (F027ii, xii, xiii)).

The Eastern Front.
The Taliban and Pakistan are at loggerheads and China is in crisis with India on the Tibetan border. The Pakistan - China alliance may well see conflict on that border also. Imran Khan of Pakistan went to visit Putin over the invasion of Ukraine. All are nuclear armed. The sort of puerile thinking that caused Japan to attack Pearl Harbour in 1941 is now evident among the Chinese. One said recently to a US expert that China may well sink one or two US aircraft carriers to cower them, and the American replied: “That is about the stupidest thing I have heard.  If China sinks one carrier the Strategic Air Command will eradicate every city in China.” Russia and China both seem to be relying on the weakness and corruption of Biden and the Globalists in the West to provide them with a walkover in these two crises they have engendered.

Russia has taken the step of banishing the Rothschild and Globalist system from Russia and so the Globalists have to bring both Putin, and Xi, to heel in order for them to control the NWO and the only weapon they have capable of doing that is the US nuclear arsenal backed by France and UK, backed up by India and Israel.

The West has failed to provide for their own defence, which is what Trump told them five years ago, and which they failed to rectify. Whilst Russia has well over 13,000 tanks, many of which are modern, the UK and European defence system would not be able to put much more than a thousand tanks on the ground. UK, France and Germany have 200, 250 and 240 tanks respectively. They need air defence. Putin has exposed them.
All they can do is hurl words and empty threats at Russia. Nuclear Defence is the only viable option. The Globalists have destroyed the West, while robbing it, and their politicians have allowed it to happen. So also they have destroyed AU and Canada and almost the US as well. Their politicians should be tried and imprisoned, including the Davos Group. The Globalists must be removed from all business and political offices and so also the Russian Oligarchs, who are acting in the West.   So also their universities must be shut down and the Globalists and their schools removed, especially the Rhodes system at Oxford.

Also China must be made to pay for its bio-chemical war of the Viruses. The West is commencing to spread more lies about the COVID emanating from the Wuhan market again (esp. Medical officers, ABC and the MSM); They are particularly liable in the US, Canada, AU,  France and UK, due to their involvement with the bio-weapons, for the mounting damages claims coming to China and the West.

China has ordered its banks to stop funding Russian oil purchases through the Singapore oil trade  

Biden’s incompetence with nonexistent statesmanship, and corruption has made him a tool of the Globalists, but it may well see him removed or sidestepped in order to ensure the Globalists remain in effective control of Putin and Xi, which is not so at present; or remove them. However, the captive MSM are trying to distance China from Putin’s attacks, for all the above reasons.

Scripture has shown what they will do and this war of the Sixth Trumpet has been organised by the demons to kill a third of mankind and that will happen, whether many of the Globalists want it to happen, or not (cf. Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C)).  Conduct of the War of the Sixth Trumpet (No. 141C_2)  is the study for the New Moon International Conference. The message will be attached. The Demons wish to destroy the nations that make up the Israel of God in the Last Days to thwart the Plan of Salvation (No. 001A) at  Thus, this war must occur to destabilise the EU, US and BC. However, the nuclear conflict must be initiated to achieve the destruction. After that war, the Empire of the Beast under the UN and the Globalist NWO will last for 42 months, during which we will see the Two Witnesses (Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)). After that we will see The Messiah and the Loyal Host come and destroy the Globalist and the UN system, in the 43rd month and end the Globalist so-called “New World Order.”

Wade Cox
Coordinator General