New Moon 01/08/45/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Eighth Month. We have now issued the Fall of Jericho paper as the Commentary on Joshua Part I (F006). The Introduction and Bulllinger’s notes are also issued and the notes to the texts have been added as have the RSV chapters and comments necessary to the understanding and the normal Bullinger’s notes to the KJV.  We will also update the Shepherd of Hermas and issue the papers as F067 in the Commentary.

We realise that the Fall of Jericho was dealt with recently but we decided to issue that in the Commentary format now and then follow on with the other parts of the Commentary on Joshua, which will also be released over the next few weeks. We will then be in a position to release the Commentary on Ezekiel (F026).

The amount of work left to be done on the Commentary on the Bible is quite a significant amount. We will try to get it done by Passover or as soon thereafter as possible with as many translations as are possible also. We are grateful for the amount of assistance that we get from all the brethren in getting this work done. It must be finished by the time the Witnesses are required.

It is a matter of harsh reality that nothing that was done over the last one hundred years, and perhaps two hundred years, was of any real value to sound doctrine in the Churches of God anywhere in the world. It was tainted by Ditheist Error (No. 076B) and Binitarian and Trinitarian Error (No. 076) on the nature of God and by Jewish Babylonian Heresy (see 195, 195B,195C, 195D) instead of keeping God’s Calendar (No. 156).

Thank you all for the dedication and sincerity of the brethren.

We have also received news that four churches from one of the other Churches of God in Malawi  have opted to join us for doctrinal reasons, and two in Botswana are also requesting induction.

Keep the faith and your zeal.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General