Sabbath and New Moon 01/10/44/120

Dear Friends,

This is the Sabbath and the New Moon of the Tenth Month.  In this month we will look at the two papers which deal with the Preparation for the Wars of the End (No. 141A_2) which deals with the actions of the Globalists behind the scenes as they undermined the Western democracies and limited their industrial capacity. Their preparation was designed as they built up, to launch the Wars of the End and what we will know as WWIII. It is the final precursor to the coming of the Witnesses and the end of the Age. So we might understand the war we will look at the paper Conduct of the War of the Sixth Trumpet (No. 141C_2).   

This paper shows the conduct necessary to deal with the competing interests and forces that are likely to oppose the Russian and Chinese forces competing from the Middle East to the Ukraine and facing Europe and NATO and to the East and the South China Sea and facing Asia and the Sub Continent.

Russia is already building up to attack Ukraine and China has already warned it intends to attack Taiwan from 25 December 2021 to 1 January 2022. The governments of the US and BC have already sold out the US and BC and the armies have already been undermined by the Globalists and Marxists within their governments.

If the US and BC wishes to survive as a people they have no option but to take over and overturn the Globalist threats to their existence and replace their political party systems immediately.

If they fail to act the people will go into captivity and the cowardice of their people will be appropriately rewarded with wholesale genocide. The people are becoming aware now but so far not all understand and some think they might survive by cowardice.  They will not and they have no option but to destroy the Globalists within their ranks and parliaments.  They will have to clean out their parliaments and their universities and their unions and their education and medical systems completely. Most of the overseas origin medical officers cannot be trusted and nor can the medical boards.

We must expose and fight these traitors within our midst.

Note also
Pray for God to expose them all and give us power and guidance as to what we must do to save our people and our children for the coming Millennium.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General