Sabbath 26/10/43/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath will see the review of 1Corinthians Pt. II (F046ii) and Pt III (F046iii) the following week.

The events of the last week have shown us where our democracies stand.  Senator Ted Cruz pointed out the simple fact that over 39% of the US believes that there was massive fraud in the election.  He is leaving out the 18% of Democrats that know they committed the greatest electoral fraud in history. He put it in a nutshell when he said that if they do not do something about it they will never believe anything the Congress says again.  He is correct.  Those who watch the mainstream media will not be as aware of the fraud as the media itself is part of the fraud and the Globalist push for world government.

The Congress was stormed and was shut down. Mike Pence was ushered out of the Capitol by secret tunnels. Instead of implementing the 12th Amendment, he shows by his comments that he refused to implement it. He not only betrayed President Trump but he also betrayed the electors who put him in that position. The MSM reports made the president out to be a deranged autocrat and denigrated all he said. The fraud was non-existent so they said. 

The fact is that over half of the US populace know that their system is corrupt. The world is waking up to the fact that the world’s politicians on both sides of the houses of parliament are corrupt and part of this push for the NWO.  Canada and AU and NZ and the UK have been betrayed.  We have been sold out to the Globalists by the Globalists that have penetrated the parliaments. The Oxbridge universities are part of the education system and the fraud. The Globalists are now emboldened and do not care what they say and do now and are more blatant.  They denigrate any who oppose or frustrate them. Many are killed.

The Satanists among them are openly attacking Christianity now and will try now to eradicate it.  The Vatican is being reported with taking part in the fraud using the satellite systems. A sum of reportedly $2.2 Billion was also moved into AU over recent months and the Vatican does not know what it was for and the Australian bishops have no idea where it went. Cardinal Pell thinks it was to damage him but they cannot trace who was responsible. Perhaps more will come out about that later. The abortionists are jubilant that, through the Democrats, they will now control both Houses of Congress and the White House.

So will it continue on and they will all live happily ever after? Oh no! cried the Queen: Sentence First, Verdict Later (Through the Looking Glass). It will all unfold now and go down in history as the greatest self inflicted wound the western democracies have ever suffered. It has also shown the West just how far its parliaments and administrations have been penetrated by the Globalists. The Democrats were about to collapse and the Republicans have just been exposed as run by Globalist pawns. Those involved from the president of the Senate, present and future, to the Speaker and the prospective candidates for president and governors and so on down are stained and their facilitators, like the Governor of Georgia and the Secretary of State and every officer in the major swing states, are finished. A new political system will now form out of the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats.  The actions now about to emerge from the Democrat controlled house and White House will see a new system form with a rage that will tear these Globalists down. It will spread into Canada and Australia and UK such that the Globalist media will commence to be targeted. All politicians will be removed, for Globalists and the mainstream parties in the US and AU and UK will be replaced. It will result in the destruction of the economic systems.  The only thing that Trump can do to prevent it now is to declare martial law and hand over to the Army to sort the system out and arrest the fraudsters and place them before military tribunals. 

The UN will be asked to interfere in the US and will provoke their own expulsion. The instability will see events lead to war in the Middle East with Iran increasing the aggression towards Israel and Islamic aggression increase in Europe, especially in the use of chemical and biological weapons. Russia and China will become involved.  We have explained this process in the paper Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C). See also the paper Purim in the Last Days (F017B).

The major conflict will be the War of the Sixth Trumpet. That will be a thermo-nuclear war that will see one third of mankind killed. The biochemical War of the Fifth Trumpet will continue to escalate now until that war and the events beyond it.
After the War of the Sixth Trumpet the NWO will be established from the EU occupation of the Middle East from the Northern Armies. God will finally intervene.  He will send the two Witnesses Enoch and Elijah to proclaim the Laws of God from the Temple Mount. That sequence is explained in the text Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D).

This coming week will arrive at the New Moon and we will deal with the activities in the US as they unfold and what will happen to these Globalists, as they betray our people throughout the world, over the next four years.  

Concentrate on your relationship with God and the brethren of the Body of Christ. We are about to go into the rapids and there is no way out until we reach the Messiah.

Love one another and show thereby that we love God.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General.