Sabbath 25/11/43/120

Dear Friends,

Today we go on to finish the Commentary on 1Corinthians Part  3 at F046iii.  We have revisited the paper Elect as Elohim (No. 001) over the last two weeks. Let us hope we gained further insight into the role of the Elect in becoming Elohim or Theoi as the Sons of God. 

This section of the work deals with chapters 11-16.  In that section we deal with the Symbolism of the Lord’s Supper in chapter 11 and then with the matter of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church in chapter 12. The role and matter of the Love of God among the Brethren is of critical importance from chapter 13.

The issue of speaking in tongues as a matter of doctrine and control in chapter 14 is examined and that leads on to the most important topic of the Resurrection in chapter 15 and then to the administration of the church in chapter 16.

Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians is of great importance and is mishandled and misrepresented by the Modern Trinitarians of the Sun and Mystery Cults who attempt to make it say other than what it really does say. They often do that by ignoring the clear intent of the apostle. So much can be drawn out of the text by analysing what he is saying.

I hope that we are able to benefit from the Commentary and draw out a greater understanding of what were the real issues in the First Century Church there at Corinth and the surrounding churches.

It is hoped that we are able to deal with the Text of 2Corinthians next week. After we finish Corinthians, we hope to go on to Romans and the Revelation. That will complete the last two volumes of the NT and then we will deal with Acts and the Gospels. Hopefully we will have completed the NT text and we can then proceed with the rest of the OT texts.

It is impossible to understand the NT without the OT and the interrelationship of the texts with the Law and the Covenant. In the same way the Koran or Quran cannot be understood without the Scriptures. The Islamic scholars have made a right mess of the Hadith, as Western scholars have done with the Scriptures. They are both hampered by later traditions of the Sun and Mystery Cults.

The Scriptures are a part of the Mysteries of God and unless one keeps the Law and the Testimony they cannot be understood. Nor also can they be understood without adult baptism in the Churches of God and through the Holy Spirit.

By our devotion and study, together we can attain to the Kingdom of God at the First Resurrection.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.