Sabbath 22/10/44/120


Dear Friends,

Today we are directly at the pagan systems of Xmas and Easter, and the Baal Worshippers of the Mystery and Sun Cults are busy pretending that their God was born on this day and that he really was Jesus and that his mother was the perpetual mother goddess. We will examine this pagan farce for what it really is. The paper the Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235) is a long paper and so we will divide it in two and deal with it over the week from this Sabbath to the next Sabbath.

There are also a number of additional papers that throw light on this matter such as the paper The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ (No. 232). So we understand how they fit into the doctrines of the church see also the paper Surah 19 Mariam (Q19). In understanding the Messiah we should also study the paper Genealogy of the Messiah (No. 119). 

Over the next four years we will see the destruction of this pagan festival and the myths surrounding it. The destruction will be enforced by the Messiah, Jesus Christ himself, leading the Loyal Host in the takeover of the planet and the imprisonment of Satan and the Fallen Host in Tartaros

Remember that we in the US and BC are in an undeclared war with the Globalists and the Iran-Soviet-Chinese bloc.  They are attempting to destroy us as the Israel of God, as detailed in the Plan of Salvation (No. 001A).   In fact matters are so serious that we may well be fully at war, as we study this material. Our nations have been so undermined that we may well be forced to commence fighting in the nations of the US and BC in order to regain control for our own survival. Our politicians have betrayed us from both sides of the parliaments in all nations of our people.

We are now in the Second Holocaust from 2021 to 2025. Our people are commencing to die now on a large scale and it is increasing daily. Our people are brainwashed and they do not seem to realise the danger we are in as a people. It seems we are destined to stumble on until it is obvious to the uninformed and that may be too late. It is certain we will have to wipe out our current political operators and the Globalists from among us.

Remember that Christ will return to save those who eagerly await him and so we will not all be killed and many of the elect will be saved. However, we will all be tested to the utmost.

It is our imbecility and our refusal to obey the law and the testimony that will result in the destruction of our power as the Holy people. That will come upon us at the end as we are told in Daniel.  However we shall all be delivered; those that are to be found written in the book of life. Our power shall be broken but over the period of this time over 1290 days there will be a great tribulation but at the end of the 1335 days we will all stand in our allotted places and then under the Messiah we will be led into the new system (cf. Commentary on Daniel F027xi, xii, xiii and Commentary on Revelation (F066 i, ii, iii, iv, v).  

Prepare for this tribulation ahead and remember our enemies are those of our own house. However, so also are the elect and it is we, as part of the elect, who must prepare for the end and strengthen each other.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General