Sabbath 21/06/44/120

Dear Friends,

This week I wrote to the AU Senate regarding the matter of the vaccine and the medical officers that are now voicing concerns over the serious issue of these vaccines and the serious threat they pose to human life and the increasing concerns among the medical fraternity and the gutless silence of the philosophers in the universities who simply will not expose the blatantly absurd reasoning of the medical officers stating that those who are unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated which is the direct opposite of the reality of the purpose and logic of vaccination and contrary to the direct purpose and logic of vaccines. This virus is being disseminated by the vaccines themselves and they are in fact spreading the virus as a weaponised system developed by the Canadians in the University of British Columbia in 2002 and distributed by the globalists including the Chinese from Wuhan in 2019 with assistance from the French.  PM Trudeau was involved in the development of the commercial interests in the patent right and development and did not declare his interests.   

Senators, Medical Staff etc:

The vaccination is the weapon and Canada is responsible as is China.  The virus was weaponised in 2002 from University of British Columbia.

It is a crime against humanity and is part of the Bioweapons program.  Trudeau did not declare his financial interest when he announced the detail.

Also the lipid nano particle was stolen and was issued to the pharmaceutical companies for these vaccines.

I warned the world of this before 2001 for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and again in 2015 and 2018. (cf. 141A).

This is a crime against humanity and a civil crime and an antitrust violation. The offence will be punished by execution from WHO on down through the medical establishment. India has started an action against the Director General of WHO and will seek his execution. The civil crime will be found to be an act of racketeering and a felony violation. Civil and criminal liability will flow back to Pfizer and Moderna and also the others. Wuhan is also complicit in a war crime against humanity, as are we.

This medical officer (among others) has exposed it and the Australian government appears to be complicit in this fraud. So also the MSM is involved and complicit.

see also


Oxford has shown that vaccinated people carry 251 times the viral load of the unvaccinated:

There are also many warnings coming now from other medical authorities.  I would like all of our people to look at the other medical warnings also such as:
So also will we have our people read/watch this video document:

Over 800,000 US defence people have refused the vaccination and the Joint Chiefs are proposing courtmartialling the 800,000.  Fortunately the defence forces, if they refuse the vaccine, may well stay in health and will be able to fight the final war against the Globalists and the Chinese forces, if they continue to refuse.

The CDC reportedly has warned the public now that a disease will emerge as a form of polio which is another bi-product of the virus and vaccine as Acute Flaccid Myelitis, which appears to be just another form of the by-products of the vaccine, which appear legion.

Another form of the vaccine has been found in Israel and it is not because of the unvaccinated:
Blaming the unvaccinated is contrary to reason and formally absurd.  The vaccine has another two years of formal testing to even be passed and is not formally a vaccine. That the philosophers have not exposed this absurd reasoning is a disgrace to our profession. The people will take action soon.  They will be able to take legal action because of the frauds and criminal action by corporations and even if the judges try to shut it down the people will take action against the politicians and as a result of the weaponised activities by the Globalists and Chinese the thermo-nuclear War of the Sixth Trumpet will be initiated against the Globalists and commercial and political interests of those involved. Japan and Taiwan are to meet soon to discuss the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and war will emerge from that very soon. Biden may well be removed under the 25th Amendment very soon but others will follow also.

The globalist plan is to issue a mutation every month over the next ten months and it is highly unlikely that the world will simply sit quietly while they are killed in vast quantities. The Globalists assume we are all complete idiots and given the behaviour of the US Congress one might be justified in thinking that they actually are. The US and the BC may well turn against them very soon. As one of the doctors said above, the plan of the Globalists was to destabilise and collapse the British National Health System and the public will not put up with it. They will revolt against the Globalists of Westminster and London. The US and BC are being forced into massive destabilisation as explained in Wars of the End Part II:1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D), following on from (141C).

The US and BC have allowed its politicians to destabilise its society and it will pay in no uncertain terms.  It has allowed its politicians to invade it with Muslim terrorists and the people will shoot them. Just over four years to the Messiah to go and the Host will send the demons to the pit and smash these false religions on the planet (cf. Wars of the End Part III Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E)). Some cretin, perhaps an intelligence stooge, tried to tell us that we were not allowed to criticise the government due to a garbled understanding of the Scriptures.  God raises the prophets to deal with the governors and we have a responsibility to convey the message given to us by the Holy Spirit. At present the voice of Dan Ephraim (Jer. 4:15-27) in the final church of the Philadelphians is vested with that responsibility and then Enoch and Elijah will take over from them and they will assist the Witnesses over their period of witness.  The world will hate the Witnesses and then kill them and then when Messiah and the Heavenly Host arrive the world will hate the Messiah and they will War Against Christ (No. 141E_2) and they will be destroyed along with two of the failed Churches of God, both the Sardis and the Laodiceans, and all other false religions on the planet (Wars of the End Part IV: End of False Religion (No. 141F). These actions are all explained in the Commentary on Revelation (F066) Parts 1-6.

Many will be dead by the Jubilee of 2027. Make sure it is not you.

Wade Cox

Coordinator General