Sabbath 20/02/44/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we commence the Commentary on Revelation (F066). At Pentecost we will begin to examine the Commentary on Acts (F044). From Acts we will deal with the issue of the Introduction to the Commentary on the Bible and then the Prologue to the Commentary on the NT.  Then we will go on with the Commentary on Matthew (F040), on Mark (F041), on Luke (F042) and John (F043).  With that process we will be finished with the Commentary on the NT.  Then we will try to get the remainder of the Commentary on the Scriptures done as soon as possible into 45/120 next year.

As we have dealt with the explanation of the Scriptures in commentary form, it has become obvious that the various religions of the world have done everything that they could to distort and deceive the world with lies and false doctrine, based largely on the Sun and Mystery Cults, to the extent that even the Churches of God over the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries have so corrupted Bible Doctrine that they have disqualified themselves from the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and will be forced to struggle to attain the millennial system under Christ, even as physical humans. Most who say they are Christians now are in fact Baal worshippers keeping Sunday, Christmas and Easter (cf. Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)). Even those who think they obey the Laws of God keep the Hillel Calendar that did not eventuate until 358 CE and later in the 12th century under Maimonides. Most have never kept the Holy Days on the correct days and many not even in the correct months or years  (cf. Hillel, Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)).

We all hope to attain the ex anastasin or the “Out resurrection” of Philippians 3:11 as detailed in (F050). However, none of us know for certain and we go by faith in the grace and mercy of God. The great assurance we all have is that God’s Plan of Salvation (No. 001A) is perfect and that all people shall be given the opportunity for Salvation through the Second Resurrection (No. 143B) and in the retraining God offers to everyone through the elect who are successful in attaining the First Resurrection under Christ.

In the Resurrection of the world in the end of the Millennium there will be a massive number in that retraining process and they could be in excess of 30 billion humans.  The miraculous power of God will be amazing to all mankind. It will be an immense source of satisfaction to all of the saints to be a part of that process and to help the human creation to become sons of God.

We must all strive to help one another and to have the creation love one another and to strive for forgiveness and perfection.  Even Satan and the Fallen Host will be killed and resurrected and given a new spirit and an opportunity to regain their future as part of the host.  They are all dependent on us as their teachers in the Great White Throne Judgment. So also they and those who defame us continually will all depend on us for their own future as sons of God under the direction of God and the Holy Spirit.

Let us strive for the First Resurrection and take our place in the kingdom.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General