Sabbath 18/11/43/120

Dear Friends,

Today we continue on with Part II of the Elect as Elohim (No. 001).  We will also try to make sense of the extraordinary situation developing in the US that appears to indicate the coming end of Democracy and Free Speech there. 

After the civil war Ulysses S Grant became the 18th president of the US.  There were a number of issues that arose from that conflict and in 1871 the Republic was sold out to overseas interests and the Corporation of the US was formed. The inauguration date was moved from 4 March to 20 January.  The political system of the US was hamstrung by entrenching a two party system with first past the post voting that made it impossible for a democracy to survive in allowing a third or more parties to run candidates. Slowly but surely the two party system became corrupt. There were no effective limitations on the capacity for the members of Congress to accept funds and they became progressively corrupted. In December 1913 the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act  just before the Holidays and the European bankers were given control of the printing of money and all US bills from the Federal Reserve Corporation. Further, the gold reserves were agreed to be transferred to the Federal Reserve at the rate of 1% per annum. The result was that by 2013 all US gold reserves had been theoretically transferred to the ownership of the Federal Reserve. By the 1970s the US currency was taken off the gold standard.  It was thus a fiat currency and had no genuine backing.  It progressively devalued.

Over the next series of presidents the currency was debased and corruption became rampant.  The two parties had effectively become two corrupt divisions of a corrupt enterprise. It came to be controlled by the Secret Services and the Military/Industrial Complex. The US currency was plundered and there were insufficient means of control.  The National Debt simply escalated and now stands at well over twenty trillion dollars, escalating daily.  The end result of this enterprise appears to be that the US Corporation is now bankrupt and has reportedly filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in the courts in Florida.  There can thus be no reasonable argument that it is not bankrupt from the filings and reporting. The destruction of the currency is a necessary step in the move to the New World Order under control of the Globalists so that they can control the world money supply. The weaponised virus introduction under Covid was designed to advance this transfer to Globalism as part of this control system. This is the final control system of the Beast to enslave the world.

The result is that each day that the Corporation continues to vote itself funds and raise funds from the Reserve Bank and borrows on the international markets for bonds and other reserve funds it is effectively trading whilst insolvent, which is a criminal offence for a Corporation. Each member of the Congress who participates in the felony is liable for the losses incurred and is subject to a class action by its own people who are losing pensions and for other losses inflicted on the people of the US and its creditors by the Corporation.

President Donald Trump was seemingly aware of this situation from his speech on 4 July 2020.  His, and others’, solution was reportedly to dissolve the Corporation and return to the Republic of the US and become the 19th President following on from the 18th President Grant.  The currency would then be returned to the Gold and Silver backed currency.  The capacity of the criminals of the NWO system in the US and the European and Asian banks could not continue to commit fraud. To prevent this simple and effective solution to the problem they decided to get rid of Trump. That was also why they got rid of Gaddafi in Libya under Obama through Clinton. They had tried to assassinate Trump some 25 times, the last on 9 January 2021.  However, he was massively popular and in spite of that and the four years of biased and corrupt reporting and use of the media in all forms, they were forced to use massive levels of fraud reportedly using the voting machines and fake ballots in the millions.  They brazenly denied the frauds and they refused to audit and properly deal with the ballots and fraudulent entries.  They reportedly appear to have committed treason involving some seven overseas nations including China to corrupt the voting systems and bring in fake ballots from overseas as well as interstate. 
All these activities are felonies and some are high treason. Trump could still have dealt with the situation, as they all knew, by: 1. Refusing to accept the vote and under the 12th Amendment the Vice President could simply have forced the controlled vote at one per State under the proceedings of the 12th Amendment.  The Vice President refused to carry out this simple procedure established under the Constitution and acted unlawfully and in some eyes treasonously.  2. Trump could also have acted by simply invoking the Insurrection Act of 1807 and ordering the Military to enter the States progressively and forcing the corrective audit and prosecutions. This he reportedly did effect on his part.  It may be that he was betrayed by the General Staff or he went so as to leave it in their hands and not appear a dictator. We will soon know.  When Maj. Gen Walker spoke to the press when the 31,000 troops entered DC he said the forces were there “to ensure a peaceful transition to military power” or words to that effect. There appears to be a split in the exercise of power at present. There are still 5000 troops in DC and they allegedly will remain until March or even April.

The Congress refused to act constitutionally and then the Military set up a Psyop that tried to keep the population quiet by convincing them the Military were behind Trump, of which the lower ranks were well and truly behind him.  They used some key social media people with credibility (and other intel backgrounds) (e.g. Parkes and Ward and others) and used them to spread misinformation making them all believe that there would be military action on the day of the inauguration and following with arrests and Military Tribunals. They also said that 198,000 plus people would be arrested and tried publicly over many months in Military Tribunals. This misinformation also kept the Globalists under control through fear of exposure to the populace. Therefore the technocrats control the populace through information, control, and secrecy, and effectively total mind control. They wish to take the guns and destroy the First and Second Amendment because they are frightened of the people.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff allowed the Vice Chairman, General John Hyten, to post a false post with updated points at 20-40 minute intervals to state messages to the effect that the Military has matters in hand and they were in effect waiting on the order of one man to go ahead, which everyone believed was President Trump as his was the only required authority. Hyten is reported under his own FB site as saying: Things were all set. They were simply awaiting the final order from one man.  (We know that they were all, including the Coast Guard, on enhanced security).  They were allegedly awaiting orders expected to AM 20 January 21. Hyten then issued what appeared to be a code as:  CASTLE_ROCK. It was also reported severally that arrests were under way and false reports were issued to that effect. None of it happened and false information was circulated about expected Military Operations after the inauguration using all these unwitting agents, again to keep the crowds quiet.

The Joint Chiefs also wrote a joint letter signed by all the Joint Chiefs, including Gen. Hyten, effectively ignoring the massive frauds and stating they were all supporting Biden. They ignored the frauds completely which was the role they were required to undertake in investigating the matter.  This appears to be an act of Treason by the Joint Chiefs of Staff unless they had another acceptable motive.

The result was to demoralise, and betray the US voters, of whom 70% fervently believed there was a massive fraud and expected some action from the Military. At the moment the nation is in a state of shock. The media failed to silence the flow of information and produced their own misinformation.  The Media in AU were quite successful in deceiving the major part of the Australian populace with Globalist Anti-Trump propaganda. The Canadians were also taken in by this US Psyop and are likewise dumfounded. Soon they will all become angry and they will start to act against the Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA, and elsewhere in the “Five Eyes.” The nationalist systems are under direct Globalist attack. They are forming the Empire of the Beast (No. 299A). The Plan of Salvation (No. 001A) determines that Man is under training to become Elohim.  Globalism has humans locked in as “livestock” that becomes less relevant as robotics takes over under this new civilisation.  They are in fact demons occupying humans. Their aim is to eliminate humans. Their capacity to survive will depend finally on the intervention of God and the removal of the Demons and the world placed under Messiah and the Loyal Host.

The US and the BC must stop this Globalist centralised system being engineered by the Satanists. We must change the society in which this is being allowed. We must stop the centralised banks.  We must stop Big Pharma.  We must stop the Technocrats and the Bill Gates and the Buffetts and the Romneys and the other biIllionaires that are controlling and Globalising the world. If we do not we will not survive and will be imprisoned until Messiah arrives. We may be eliminated as a group unless we wake up and change. We must change our politics.

In order for the GOP to survive they must take immediate action against the members in Congress that supported this totally unlawful and treasonous impeachment of Donald Trump. The Chief Justice refuses to even attend the proceedings. The sole purpose appears to be to stop him running for President again and that is the only reason they are undertaking the action.  The GOP in Texas is saying that they had the Tea Party and the GOP RINOs destroyed them in that reaction and then they had MAGA under Trump and the RINOs destroyed that. They have vowed it will not happen again. The RINOS will go or the GOP will go. It appears they are acting already in Wyoming. The central bankers are also reportedly acting to shut Trump down by denying him banking facilities, which is contrary to law. If the GOP does not act, the voters will recall the members and get rid of them progressively. If they are forced to go to those lengths, the GOP is finished by 2022.  Bernie Sanders has said that the Democrats may well cease to exist as a party over this issue and he is also correct. A DNC congresswoman has also made that observation.

If they do neither and they leave Trump hanging, then he will be forced to form a new party and, as Senator Rand Paul has said, one third of the Republicans will join them and so will the Libertarians and the Independents and the Blue Dog Democrats. The US people are starting to see just how corrupt and devious is the Congress and the Administration, and they will fight them now, tooth and nail.  So also will the General Staff face a coup of Colonels and they will have the support of the soldiers as a majority behind them.

If they do none of that and simply try to take the guns away from the people then they will take them one bullet at a time. Civil War may well be inevitable. The economic crisis that will emerge from the Democrat and NWO administration will force it. This awakening is also spreading to Australia and Canada and NZ and UK. God will deal with these people who betray His Laws and Commandments. Over the next four years the so-called Christians and pseudo Muslims and pseudo “Jews” will face the Witnesses and the Messiah and the Vials of the Wrath of God. By 2027 all opposition to the Laws of God and the rule of Messiah will be eradicated. God will not tolerate His People to break His Laws and to kill its children and ignore the Commandments.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General