Sabbath 18/08/44/120

Dear Friends,

I have been following the comments from those who have remained unvaxxed and who have been dismissed or are under what appears to be real persecution.  I also saw some comments from people who had tried to obtain an exemption certificate but they were refused by their GPs.  I asked my GP in writing to grant me an exemption in view of the massive side effects from these injections and in view of my over 22 accepted war caused disabilities and the known clotting and effects on the heart and many other side effects on the human body.  To my disappointment he replied that he was unable to do so because I did not fall within the criteria and listed the criteria. I had discussed the issue with the President of the ACT TPI Association and she stated that she had taken the matter up with the DVA for the Association but the DVA had said that it was simply a matter for the veterans to take it up with their GPs and obtain them individually.  So when my doctor answered I saw what they had done to us. They had defined the grounds so narrowly and so illogically that one had to accept the vaccine in order to ascertain if the grounds existed for one to be exempted from the vaccine. My doctor said:

“Dear Mr. Cox,
 I have received your email with your request for [a] certificate by me for your exemption from covid vaccination. Unfortunately I am unable to do so, as ATAGI guidelines are anaphalaxis to covid vaccine as a basis for exemption, and suffering from severe immunocompromise/major medical illness eg requiring hospitalisation as a basis for (temporary) exemptions.
As the severe injuries you have suffered are not as above, I am unable to do a covid vaccination exemption certificate for you. ...”

Note the only basic issue to grant exemption from the so called vaccine is to have anaphylaxis to the vaccine itself which means you really have to have the vaccine to determine any anaphylaxis which means one can never gain exemption.

It is therefore obvious that this exemption criteria was deliberately designed to prevent anyone from obtaining an exemption and is part of the Globalist Genocidal plot to destroy, as Gates stated, “two billion of the world’s population who would die.”  One cannot reason with these people. They appear to have decided that all we old people, veterans or disabled or just old and other people who have inherent problems are to be eliminated by the genocidal poison they have developed and bribed our globalist politicians to inflict on us. This is a clear breach of the Geneva Convention and the Nuremburg Convention and these politicians and medical people and Globalists who bribe our politicians and businesses and institutions must be identified publicly and placed on trial and then imprisoned or executed for what is blatant treason and wilful premeditated mass murder.

People have identified the problem such as in these urls and pleaded for the removal of the vaccines.
An Open Letter to The White House, Congress, CDC, FDA, HHS, employers, colleges... (
SARS-CoV-2 Mass Vaccination (2).pdf
In the second article 57 medical scientists have pleaded for the removal of the “vaccines” and listed the grounds. 
It has also been identified by government reports that the so-called “vaccines” actually inflict AIDS on the people injected.

It should be understood that the Globalists and indeed the world is reportedly controlled by a party of 136 trillionaires and billionaires who are intent on taking over the world in this NWO. To do that they have inflicted this biochemical war on us as we have explained for years (cf. Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C) )
The people involved range from the wealthy families that control the world banking systems and central banks.  They also extend to the ancient family systems of Satanists and religious systems that control the Vatican and intend to bring in the Satanist religious system into the NWO. They usually operate through the billionaire front men over a controlled media. The front men are people like Soros, Gates and people who also control Big Tech firms.  They have to be identified and exposed. There is no truth or honesty in anything the media says and no ethics in what they are doing. No major party can be trusted anywhere in the world. Politicians are corrupt everywhere. The judiciary has been corrupted by the globalists or by the religious, which are now usually both, if not outright Satanists.

As we have said many times, we are about to enter the War of the Sixth Trumpet from this War of the Fifth Trumpet (cf. 141C above). Then God sends the Witnesses (No. 141D). We may be able to break free of the NWO but we will be under attack permanently. The War of the Sixth Trumpet will kill over a third of mankind. With the losses of the Fifth Trumpet and the later pestilence we will lose over half the world. Christ says we will not have finished fleeing through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes (Mat. 10:23). The NWO will receive all the power of the beast and march against Christ (cf. Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E) and War against Christ (No. 141E_2). After this over 90% of the world will be killed in the attacks of the demons and man’s obstinate and wilful resistance and their adherence to false religions (cf. 141F).

When Christ gets here the Demons are sent to the pit of Tartarus. All the Globalists, corrupt politicians and authorities involved in the NWO and Satanists where they are not one and the same, will then be arrested and killed over the 43rd month (cf. also Commentary on Daniel (F027 i - xiii)).

It is important that we see why God is going to order the Host under Christ to kill all the Globalists and people that do not comply with His laws. This mass murder of the populace is contrary to the Commandments.  It is however contrary to the implied law under the Sixth Commandment in the responsibility to make alive which is an inherent responsibility (cf. Law and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259) and also Abortion and Infanticide (No. 259 B)).

None of this need happen, but it is caused by the demons who are acting in all of the people involved through their Satanic religious leaders both from the Vatican and the Binitarian/Trinitarian systems and all the pseudo Islamic systems throughout the world. The Satanists will attempt to join them into a single false system that actually worships Satan. All they will do is ensure the destruction of the religious systems in the various locations in Rome and elsewhere. Even when the demons are in Tartarus mankind will not repent and they will fight against Christ and the elect who will be resurrected by this time (cf. 143A).

After this phase we will gather mankind together and prepare for the Jubilee and then train the people for the Millennium for 1000 years under Christ and the Elect as their trainers using the Temple Calendar (cf. God’s Calendar (No. 156)). Those Judaisers who keep Hillel will remain in the grave until the Second Resurrection (No.143B) in 3027.

Help everyone to see and hear and thus turn and be saved.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General