Sabbath 10/4/44/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we commence the study of the Acts of the Apostles with the Commentary on Acts Part I (F044).  This study is important and explains how the Apostles set up the Churches of God in the Levant and kept the Laws of God (L1) and the Calendar of God (No. 156). The extent and distribution of the churches are more fully explained in the text of Establishment of the Churches under the Seventy (No.122D).

From the last weeks of the Fifth Month we will commence the study of the Gospels. We are commencing the production of Videos in sequence from all levels and we will commence with videos on the prophets and the Children’s Bible Studies.  The Feast of Tabernacles should see a comprehensive study of the Gospels available.

We hope to have the Videos of Daniel and Revelation under production soon. We are hoping to get the books produced soon both of the NT and the OT with a comprehensive work on each of the prophets. It is all a massive task. And also it is expensive.

We have noticed an increase in requests for prayers and that people are obviously struggling with problems in the lives of their friends. We are having many friends of the brethren coming in and asking for prayers for illnesses and problems they face. It is probable that they are getting some help from the prayers we make on their behalf.

We have also started translations of the papers in Tagalog and Cebuano for the Philippines and we hope that our efforts bear fruit. There was once a significant Church of God there but it was destroyed by division and false doctrine. It may be that The One True God is about to get the work going there.

So also we are noting reports in the US of strange closures in Washington DC of buildings such as the FBI building that is now boarded up as though it has ceased functioning. So also there are closures and fencing in of areas. Also there are increasing levels of audits of electoral fraud and political opposition to the audits. God will tear the face off this corruption both there and around the world. The murder of ethnic minorities in Asia with organ harvesting will also be punished very soon.

There is a great work to prepare for the First Resurrection and that is not very far off. Unless the Churches of God repent and correct their errors and sins they will not be part of it and many do not seem to understand the severity of the sins and urgency of the problem. If you keep the Hillel Calendar you are not keeping God’s Calendar and you will be disqualified from the Kingdom of God. It is that simple. If you worship two coeternal beings you are a polytheist and disqualified from the Resurrection. What is so hard to understand about that? Repent. If you have been baptised as an infant you are not eligible for the Kingdom. Repent and be baptised. If you keep Sunday and not the Sabbath, New Moon and Feasts of the Calendar of God you are in sin. Repent and
turn to God. You are eliminated from the First Resurrection. Only you can solve the problem.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General