Sabbath 05/07/44/120

Dear Friends

The paper Valley of Dry Bones (No. 234) was issued to deal with the matter of the Resurrection of the dead of the members of the faithful of tribes of Judah, and part of the Tribes of Levi and Benjamin. The Plan of Salvation covers the sequence of the Resurrections, both the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).  

The Patriarchs and Prophets were chosen by God and they were given the Holy Spirit by God in order to do a job.  Many of the Nation of Israel do not fully understand the Resurrection and indeed the aristocracy under the Sadducees who controlled the Temple until its closure in 70 CE under Vespasian (cf. Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013) and also War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298)) did not accept the doctrine of the Resurrection. This was in spite of the prophecy regarding the Resurrection of Israel by the prophet Ezekiel. It is most important that the resurrection of the faithful in Israel within the blood lines of Israel promised to the faithful prior to the coming of Messiah and the creation of the church occurs as promised. It is generally understood that the Patriarchs and Prophets were given the Holy Spirit prior to Christ, but that Israel and Judah generally, including Benjamin and Levi, and the members of the Tribes not in the church, were not given the Holy Spirit and their place in the First Resurrection.
There is no dispute that some elements of the Tribes returned to Jerusalem as prophets and they were present in Jerusalem at the Temple on the day that Christ was presented by his parents, Yoseph (Joseph) and Mariam, at the completion of his purification. It is highly unlikely that that the prophetess Anna daughter of Phanuel of Asher and the other righteous man Simeon (Luke 2:22-39) lived a further 35 years to become part of the church therefore without the prophecy of Ezekiel chapter 37 they would be excluded from the First Resurrection or the Millennium and some of the clan lines of Judah and Israel would not be bred into the Millennial system and Satan would have succeeded in limiting the inheritance of Messiah drawn from Israel due to their loyalty to the God of Israel; and the Inheritance of Messiah under the gift to him at Deuteronomy 32:8, by Eloah the one True God of Israel. The allocation of the salvation to the Gentiles (Gen. 48:14-18) by Joseph has been resented by many of the tribes and the Levites have acted with Satan to disguise the Salvation of the Gentiles and to limit the inheritance of the Tribes or water that down by these false churches and the demons under the false doctrines of the Baal system using the pagan doctrines of heaven and hell (cf. Commentary on the Koran (Q001) to QS).


Wade Cox
Coordinator General