Sabbath 04/08/44/120

Dear Friends,

On Thursday this week I was listening to the News and then the ABC broadcast and discussion of what can only be described as blatant vaccine propaganda and lies to brainwash their listeners into accepting their justification for punishing those who simply will not accept their lies and Globalist propaganda, justifying the punishment of those who simply will not accept the lies they are continually spreading against what they term right wing misinformation concerning their blatant lies and false statements about the weaponised virus and vaccine.  Over the next three months we will see the false statements and the Globalists activities exposed in the manufacturing of the vaccines and the viruses.  

They are trying to force those who have not done so into taking the vaccines as fast as they are able, as it is now becoming obvious that the facts are increasingly emerging, and it is becoming more and more obvious that the vaccines actually cause  massive disease and loss of life. The most vaccinated state in the US, that of Vermont, is now suffering the most prolific spike in COVID cases in the history of the Pandemic and they now realise it is the vaccine itself that is causing the massive spike. The Pentagon Intel site is now documenting this fact.  One news organ reported that the vaccinated have 1000 times the likelihood of contracting the virus than those with natural immunity. Nations are engaging in revolts against the vaccine and the world is being brainwashed into blaming the unvaccinated for spreading the virus when it is blatantly obvious that the vaccine is harbouring and spreading the virus.  There is no valid reason to assume that an unvaccinated person who does not have the virus would possibly hurt or pass a virus which they do not have at all on to a person who was vaccinated to prevent that vaccinated person from contracting a disease which they have been vaccinated to prevent in the first place. It is a conspiracy to commit genocide.

The reasoning is absurd and the world will react to it over the next two months. There will be riots and in the immediate future, a civil war erupt in the US, AU, Canada, UK, France, Slovenia, Romania and Denmark and Scandinavia generally and also in Central and South America. The US will firstly destroy the Democrat Party and it will reform into two parties, with the Rino elements also removed from the GOP. In AU the major parties will see massive shifts to the smaller parties and the Coalition, ALP and the Greens will see massive losses in March or May 2022. They have been instrumental in the disaster of the pandemic and they will be punished. 

The Democrats and the stooges of the Joint Chiefs in the US, have reportedly (by Israeli News) been told by the Chinese that they intend to invade Taiwan between 25 and 31 December 2021.  Biden was told by the Joint Chiefs that they could not stop it or defeat them and it appears that Biden will not oppose the invasion despite him saying to China via the news media to leave Taiwan alone.  China reportedly intends to dominate the West Pacific. The socialists in AU will then engage in the destruction of democracy in the Western Pacific. That will not be allowed to occur unopposed. There will be a civil war occur before then, both in the US and AU, if the Globalists in Canberra go along with that, and we will see massive numbers shot. We will also see the ABC and BBC and the MSM in the US cleaned out and massive numbers shot there.  One thing is certain the political system as it now exists will be gone and corruption will be cleaned out and massive numbers shot all over AU, CA and the US and UK.  The Islamic revolt already positioned in the EU will erupt and force the invasion of the Middle East; as we have warned against for years (Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). See also the Armageddon Series on the url at (  As soon as this war erupts the Witnesses will be sent and will take up in Jerusalem (cf. Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)). The UN and NWO will seek to rule the world from there. They will do that for 42 months and then they will be wiped out.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General