New Moon 010544120

Dear Friends.

This Sabbath is the New Moon of the Fifth Month called Ab.  It is traditionally a month of sorrow or a memorial of persecution or affliction in Israel.  God is preparing the elect now for the wars in the last days.  Some time ago we issued a warning to the Church of God re getting their doctrines in order and correcting their errors.  This was done in the text of Letter to the Churches of God re the New Moons and the Hillel Calendar (No. 124B).
During the recent two centuries the Churches of God ceased keeping the New Moons, and in the twentieth century they introduced Ditheism and the Hillel Calendar and some later Binitarianism with the result that very few of the Churches of God worship the right God on the correct days. This is a very serious situation for the Churches of God in the Last Days.

Not only have the churches not corrected their errors but they are still riddled with error over the Nature of God and the Calendar and they are excluded from the First Resurrection (No. 143A) unless they repent and God accepts that repentance. The purpose of the last two Sabbath Messages was to correct the error of Radical Unitarianism in the UCG where it is rampant and also the doctrine on God’s Calendar (No. 156) is also undermined by the observing of the Hillel Calendar abomination with its postponements (cf. Hillel, The Babylonian Intercalations, and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C); also The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals? (No. 195) and Distortion of God’s Calendar in Judah (No. 195B).

If you came into the WCG system and kept their doctrines you have been a Ditheist or Polytheist and never kept a Holy Day in all your life on the correct days and 30% of the time not even in the correct months.  You do not have and have not had the power of healing for years and you have not kept the Lord’s Supper on the correct days.  This is not inconsequential.  You will die and go into the Second Resurrection and there is nothing you can do about it then.  The Ministry will be held more accountable as the apostle James tells us in James 3:1 (cf. Commentary on James (F059)).  You must repent and ask God that you are given His Mark on your forehead.  If you do not have that mark you run the risk of being killed with the rest of the rebellious unconverted. (Rev. 9:4; F066ii). This is not a joke.  Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:34-36).

It is important that we understand this problem and warn those who are Radical Unitarians to repent and correct their errors. Those that do not will not be in the First Resurrection (143A). There are also many other errors and it is important that you now study the letter to the Churches of God at

The Sardis Era does not inherit the kingdom of God because of these errors as we see in Rev. 3:1 (cf. F066).

The fact that you may not be called the Living Church of God does not mean you are not in Sardis.  That is merely the Last or Demarcation branch of the Sardis system. All the ministry that keep WCG doctrines or depend on the WCG for its doctrinal and ministerial position are part of Sardis.  CCG is not as it does not derive its doctrines, calendar or ministerial authority from them.

Wade Cox.
Coordinator General