New Moon 01/08/44/120

Dear Friends,

We now move on to the New Moon message and deal with the removal of all false religion on the planet. China will be in a spiral cleaning up after the CCP have been obliterated by 2025.  The UN and the Deep State are then all dead and stamped from the face of the earth. There are no armies left in one piece and the soldiers have beaten the weapons into harvest tools and pruning hooks.  The armies have been smashed at Megiddo and the tanks and weaponry are all in scrap heaps.  Every Trinitarian Church is now reduced to rubble and is being used for building materials. The Churches of God are on their knees before God and the majority are being prepared to go into the Millennium as humans.  Only one church, the Church of brotherly love called the Philadelphian system of Christian Churches of God who have not denied Christ’s name and are given to understand and explain the Key of David.  No more will you, as the Church of God, go out of the body, as you were forced to do in Sardis and Laodicea to reform under Christ with the correct calendar and the laws of God, and the Jews were forced to come before you and proskuneo (Rev. 3:8-9).

Remember, God does nothing save He warns his people through His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7). In the last days God has said He will warn the people of the destruction of the last days (Jer. 4:15-27) (cf. Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)).  Two entire churches of the three of the last days will be destroyed except for a few people in Sardis and Laodicea (Rev. ch. 3). The WCG was smashed and scattered to the winds and the Holy Spirit told us God was to do it. So also we were appointed to provide the warnings as the voice of the prophet of Dan Ephraim, at Jeremiah 4:15-27. God set that final system aside through Jeremiah. Israel thought that was who John the Baptist was when they asked him if he was that Prophet (i.e. Dan Ephraim of Jer. 4:15-27). (See: John 1:19-21.) 

We are now in the process of Measuring the Temple (No. 137) and have been since it was announced worldwide in 1987 by Joe Tkach. The final generation of this age ends in 2027 at the jubilee. The First Resurrection will occur at the return of Messiah before the Jubilee for the Millennium in 2028. 

You saw the false teachings of Armstrong and Dugger and E. G. White and the host of others.  You abandoned the false doctrines of a dualist and Binitarian God and that farce of the Triune God (see Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 076) and Ditheism (No. 076B)).  You saw the heresy of the Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166) and you researched the original doctrines of the Temple Calendar and restored it to the faith and thereby gained the First Resurrection (No. 143A). The Holy Spirit and the Prophets under Christ and the Apostles told you how to attain the First Resurrection. You obeyed while the false systems of Sardis and Laodicea from WCG and the offshoots to the SDAs ignored the Laws of God and kept false calendars and false doctrines as shown in  False Prophecy (No. 269). Indeed to this day they are in hopeless confusion regarding the true faith. Many even went back into Trinitarianism like dogs to their own vomit. You removed yourselves from idolatry of a dual coeternal and coequal God that made the Sardis and Laodicean systems an abomination in the sight of God. The small remnant of Thyatria went in with you of Philadelphia as no further burden was placed upon them in Europe. You of Philadelphia however did the final tasks of the Last Days and took those who would listen out of the false systems and took them with you into the First Resurrection. The church under Christ had the same doctrines over the two thousand years for five eras and only Sardis and Laodicea were declared Dead instead of Living and spewed out of the Mouth of God.  Over you and all the early churches of the First Resurrection the second death has no power. Every single Church of the Five Eras of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatyra and the Philadelphian Christians kept the Sabbaths, New Moons and Holy Day/Feast structure of the Temple Calendar. Sardis and Laodicea never kept the New Moons and the Temple Calendar.  Sardis and Laodicea have no idea of the Temple Calendar. The WCG and the Jews kept Hillel which has never been kept by Christ and the apostles and the True Church (cf. Sabbath in the Koran (No. 274) and

To those of the WCG system, remind them that they never kept a Holy Day on the correct days except by accident in all their lives due to Hillel, and they never kept a New Moon at all from the end of the Thyatiran system in Transylvania on to the formation of CCG and the final CCG system in Philadelphia. Remember you were not to finish fleeing through the cities of Israel until the son of Man came (Mat. 10:23). Your “place of safety” was in the Hand of God. We had little strength because many of us were in the poorer parts of the earth, especially in Africa and India. Many were women and children. Many were the weak and the base.  Many worked to help their brethren and gave all they had. We were all called to confound the wise and the mighty and that we did (1Cor. 1:27). The offshoots have failed and are unable to correct their errors because Armstrong was uneducated and did not research and plagiarised materials, and, in so doing, stole all the errors. In following that ministry and the Adventists also you will not make the First Resurrection and, God has said you will not do so, in Revelation chapter 3.  They taught the fiction that the Church of God was not a clear identifiable sequence of Churches from Christ and the Apostles keeping the same doctrines and God’s Calendar (No. 156). Christ is not a liar and has been consistently working for 2000 years and the church was alive all that time (Mat. 16:18). Armstrong did not have the Holy Spirit as he was not baptised by us and his system was spewed from the Mouth of God. Anyone that does not study and correct his errors will not make the First Resurrection. It is our task to inform you of that fact. In fact Armstrong and another committed perjury and stole the church from the brethren. We have the evidence, and if the man were not dead in 1986 we would have put him in prison. For that reason alone they will go to the Second Resurrection in 3027.

You have been chosen to be a royal priesthood and a Holy Nation. Never forget your calling. It is frustrating when these offshoots say that no one ever has the correct doctrine. The reason they claim that is because they are penetrated by fakes and false teachers and they teach false doctrines and are in hopeless disagreement. For that reason they are dead and spewed from the Mouth of God. They are destined for the Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B).  Armstrong and his ministry will all be there in the Second Resurrection and they will have to be placed in protective custody in the early stages for their own survival.

It is not difficult to understand that a Calendar not invented until 358 CE cannot be the Calendar used by Christ and the Apostles in the early Church. The history is well understood. They just refused to understand that it is impossible for them to be correct in following Hillel and they are so brainwashed and wilfully blind that they would rather forfeit the First Resurrection than correct their errors and idolatry. They are to be pitied rather than derided.  Remember though it is your job to correct them.
Result of the Fifth Trumpet
We are now commencing to see the disastrous results of the weaponised virus and injected poison improperly labelled as a vaccine named COVID 19. This was developed by the US and Canada (Reported vested interest by Trudeau), France, an AU lab, and the Wuhan lab from where it was released.  Over the next three months we will see the full horror develop and by 31 December the people will become enraged at what has been done to them. There will be a conflict develop from the US and Canada and then Australia. Politicians will be killed in all major parties. The injections are poisoned with Graphene Oxide. A chemical analysis of the Pfizer trials by Spanish scientists found that 99% of the product is a poison graphene oxide. A recent analysis by US scientists confirmed that fact and found other horrific ingredients.  There is no purpose for the presence of graphene oxide other than to poison. Dr Carrie Madej of the US lab was tasked with viewing Johnson and Johnson and Moderna vials. She was horrified by what she found. She is an Osteopathic Internal Medicine Physician with 20 years experience in the field. She was reported on by Dr V. Lee. Watching the video was most alarming and shows the vials with creatures that were seemingly alive and self aware. Dr. Madej stated she has never cried so hard.
These videos and the apparent creatures were displayed on Stew Peters TV interview from September 30 2021 (WLT

German doctors and scientists have reported on the alarming findings concerning the vaccines. Doctors are reporting that the vaccines create storm in the brain, heart and lung tissue. Doctors are also reporting collapses in the gall bladder among vaccinated people and also extensive other medical collapses around the world. The vaccinated appear to create infective environments.  Many nations now are refusing the vaccines for the poisons they appear to be.

They are finding that armed force personal around the world are facing collapse on mere 5 Km runs and in India 5 men died on one such run. Pilots are dropping out of the sky. These Globalists socialist traitors in the political and military structure around the world and particularly the US, Canada and AU and the people who have been conned by them have ordered all military people to be vaccinated as well as commercial pilots. The pilots in one airline have been ordered vaccinated and those that refuse are ordered dismissed. Twelve (12) F22 Raptor pilots refused the injection and were forced to resign. A concerning aspect was that when the matter was reported Facebook so-called “fact checkers” declared it false by declaring no 27 pilots had been dismissed.  They upped the total to 27 with no apparent basis and then declared the report false. They are declaring many of these reports false to seemingly deceive.  We will examine the legality of this aspect. It is an apparent crime against humanity.

A US military Lt. Col has filed a case to have all vaccinated pilots grounded on the grounds of safety for the commercial passengers and others.  United Airlines may well be unable to fly anywhere and may have to cease business by next year. It will become mandatory to ground all vaccinated pilots which will render many airlines defunct. The only means of salvation may be that those who refused vaccination and were dismissed may be the only means of insurance airlines have of staying in the air.

Do not be taken in by these weaponised vaccines. The virus is not the only weapon. It is the vaccine that is the real problem. You owe it to your families and especially your children.

Over the next three months the full horror will dawn on the human species. The New World Order will try to enforce this system for the next 42 months until Messiah gets here.  In the 43rd month he and the loyal host will imprison the Demons in Tartaros and exterminate the entire Globalist system under the UN and NWO. We will then establish God’s Law and Calendar system.

However, the world will soon react and begin to exterminate the politicians and Military leaders who were behind these virus systems, as they are not simple and not finished yet. Nuclear war will break out in the near future and then we will see the Witnesses here (cf. Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)). 

What appears to be a senior medical officer wrote this letter to reveal the extent of the problem.  They use Spartacus as a pseudonym.  The reason is that Spartacus was a gladiator that declared rebellion against the Roman Empire in the 1st Century BCE.  This conflict will escalate to World War III from the US, and AU and the sword will not depart from us, and we will not have finished fleeing through the cities of Israel, until the son of man comes (Mat. 10:23). We have been betrayed by our politicians in the major parties and our General Staff everywhere. The Liberals in AU can only talk about Climate Change when they are trying to poison their own people in the ALP, Greens and the entire Coalition in all states.

COVID-19-The-Spartacus-Letter-1.pdf (


Wade Cox
Coordinator General