New Moon 01/03/44/120

Dear Friends,

This is the New Moon of the Third Month and Pentecost or the Feast of Weeks is also in a few days on the Sabbath and First Day of the week on 4 and 5 Sivan. Remember that it was on this feast in 30 CE that the Holy Spirit (No. 117) was given to the Church and the observers that went to meet with the brethren were amazed at the power of the brethren when they were imbued with the Holy Spirit. These people were Israelites that were spread from Ethiopia to Parthia and into the nations to the North and East. It is important that we all understand the significance of Pentecost and also what happened there and what happened also when Moses was at Sinai with Christ to receive the Law of God (L1). This sequence was provided in the paper the Ascents of Moses (No. 070). 

It was from this time that the Church began to expand under the Seventy (cf. Establishment of the Church under the Seventy (No. 122D)). Those people that were there went back to establish the branches of the churches in all parts of the world from Africa and India to Britain.  This Pentecost will be of a similar significance in that we are about to face the great expansion of the Church of God. Whilst we will see tribulation over the next few years, we will also see the growth of the Church and the great tribulation of the War and then the destruction of the Religious Whore and her harlot daughters.  Over this period we will see the Church expand increasingly under the Witnesses, and then, under Messiah, we will expand until we reach the entire world and its entire populace left after the destruction by the demons and the NWO, and then Messiah and the Vials of the Wrath of God (cf. Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E.); and also Wars of the End Part IIIB: War Against Christ (No. 141E_2)).

After the Resurrection and the Tribulation the Church will see no more persecution for a thousand years.  Not just the brethren but the entire world Churches of God, comprised of all people in every nation. With Christ and the Resurrected Host we will expunge all false doctrine from the Churches of God and from all nations around the world (cf. Wars of the End Part IV: End of False Religion. (No. 141F)). All men will keep the Sabbath and the New Moons and all the Feasts and Holy Days.  They will have no choice but will long to obey God and keep God’s Calendar (No. 156).  After the Jubilee and we take up the millennial system there will be a peace and harmony never before seen. The nations will all be healed and take up their birthright positions and the administration will be under the Messiah and the Elect as the Spiritual guides with a world administration run in accordance with the Laws of God.

It is important that we all understand just how significant this time ahead of us is to be.  It will be a time of massive violence and tribulation for a short period of time, but we will survive it all in the Hand of God. Trust in God and stand back and see us develop now. With the Messiah we will grow into the greatest body the world has ever seen; One Body and one mind and one spirit.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General