New Moon  01/12/43/120 and Sabbath 02/12/43/120.

Dear Friends,

This New Moon we are issuing the paper Commentary on 2Corinthians F047. In this paper we deal with the prophesy in the text that deals with the forgeries that were even then beginning to be made in the Word of God.
Over the period of the New Moon and Sabbath we might also look at the papers dealing with this issue all the way on into the 21st Century. The Commentary will be listed as the weekly Sermon and the other papers as study papers over the rest of the New Moon and Sabbath.

The Bible Study Papers are:
The Bible (No. 164)
Alleged Bible Contradictions (No. 164B)
Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C)
Antinomian Attacks on the Law of God (No. 164D)
Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E)
Forgeries and Additions/Mistranslations in the Bible (No. 164F)
Forgeries and Mistranslations Relating to the Position of Christ (No. 164G)

It is important that we understand that the Bible of the Early Church was the LXX.  The MT did not yet exist as the Masoretes had not yet altered the translations and the Temple had not as yet been destroyed (cf. War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298)). The Rabbis that followed the Pharisees had not as yet taken office and succeeded the Sadducees.  The Temple was not destroyed until 70 CE under the Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 013). The prophecy is contained in the Book of Daniel (cf. Commentary on Daniel ix & xiii). The Hillel Calendar was not to exist for another 258 years.  The Church of God did not accept it even then and did not accept the Hillel calendar until Dugger and Armstrong introduced it to the COG in the 1940s. Hillel was never accepted for the entire life of the Church of God and not until over 1590 years since it was invented and released under Rabbi Hillel II in 358 CE. That is why WCG and the COG (SD) will not enter the First Resurrection (No. 143A) unless they repent. Anyone keeping the Hillel Calendar is literally spitting in God’s face (cf. Hillel, The Babylonian Intercalations and the Temple Calendar (No. 195C)). No Muslim in the 8th Century would have done such a thing, let alone any other of the Churches of God (cf. Sabbath in the Quran (No. 274) and Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 053)). The Temple Calendar was kept in the Churches of God right up until well after the Reformation (cf. Cox-Kohn, The Sabbatarians in Transylvania, CCG, 1998 and also Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170)).

It is important that we understand the truth of God’s Calendar, but more importantly it is important that we can explain the errors of Hillel and the Modern Jewish Calendar.  The rabbis know it is in error but they are awaiting Messiah to correct it. CCG and the Churches of God have no such excuse. We all know what the Temple Calendar was and is.  The Apostles and the early Church were taught by Christ and we still keep that Calendar.

Keep on with the proper explanation of the faith. Any one that keeps the calendar of the Mystery and Sun Cults with Sunday, Christmas and Easter will not inherit the kingdom of God.

It is important that we are able to uplift one another and inspire one another with the truth. Only the truth will set us free.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General