Tabernacles Message 43/120

Dear Friends,

We have tried to make this a really spiritual feast this year for Tabernacles. We have prepared a number of commentaries on the Bible Texts.  We have done the Epistles of Peter following James prior to the Feast and for the Feast we have done the commentaries on the Epistles of John and prepared the Commentary on Daniel which will be issued by Chapters, with an Introduction, over the feast. We will also commence the Commentaries on Paul commencing with Philemon.

We hope that all will enjoy the Commentaries and we hope to be able to continue on and to complete the NT by Passover.

The aim is a complete Bible Commentary by the arrival of the Witnesses.  It is not enough to attend Sabbath services and perhaps the Feast and ignore the New Moons and Passover and Unleavened Bread and hope that you make it into the First Resurrection. We have to do it all and work as well. Then we will know we have access to the First Resurrection.  If we follow Hillel we can rest assured that we have never kept the Holy Days on the correct days except by accident and if we follow Armstrong and the WCG system we have never kept a Lord’s Supper and Passover on the correct days and one third of the time not even in the correct months.  Such people are consigned to the Second Resurrection and will repent or face the Second Death. Neither will their slander and defamation protect them or stop others from the First Resurrection.

This feast we ask you all to enjoy the feast and encourage and support one another.  Help as much as you can. By loving one another show you love God.  As Nehemiah said “Eat the Fat and drink the sweet” for that is what God expects of you all, and provides it from your second tithe (Tithing (No. 161).

See also Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250). New Feast papers are:
Commentary on Daniel (F027), (F027i), (F027ii), (F027iii), (F027iv), (F027v) , (F027vi), (F027vii), (F027viii), (F027ix), (F027x), (F027xi), (F027xii).
Commentary on 1John (F062)
Commentary on 2John (FO63)
Commentary on 3 John (F064).
Commentary on Philemon (F057)

Let us hope we all enjoy the papers.  The audios will be uploaded progressively.

Take care over the viruses and protect each other.  Safe Travel and we hope the International Services are an enjoyable experience.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General