Sabbath 29/08/43/120


Dear Friends,

Today is the Sabbath and tomorrow is the New Moon of the Ninth month Chislev.  Today we will examine the text on Commentary on 1Thessalonians (F052). Tomorrow we will examine the paper Commentary on 2Thessalonians (F053).  These were the first two works written by Paul and effectively began what became the NT.

Please study these texts and see the basis of the queries by the church regarding the Resurrection and the Coming of the Messiah and then the issues of the church and the attacks on the faith.

The texts will show us all just how the faith was undermined and when now in the Twenty-first Century it stands at the Last Days and the Coming of the Messiah. 

It should be taken as an inspiration and a great example of the faith and what was ahead of us all in 52/53 CE.

Then we had only the Hebrew/Aramaic texts and the Greek text of the LXX which were the only Scriptures the church had. There was no NT and these were the first papers of that text.

We see that the Church of God had only the commandments of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide the church and with which to resist the Attacks of Binitarianism of Attis and the Antinomianism of the Baal system which ultimately undermined the faith over two millennia. 

Study these texts and prepare for the final attacks of the NWO and the False system of the Last Days.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General