Sabbath 29/3/43/120


Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will pause to reflect on the work of God in the World through CCG and what He appears to be doing with us in our various operations.  In this past year we have received reports of quite some amazing growth. We have also had some reports of serious corruption in the ministry in one or two areas. We are dealing with those.

We will have to consolidate the new people coming into CCG and prepare them for the First Resurrection. There is quite a serious responsibility placed on church officers in getting people ready for the Kingdom.  Lying to the Church is lying to the Holy Spirit and whilst it may seem to confer some short term advantage it merely ensures that the ministers who lie or fail to discharge their duties or seek to gain advantage by dishonesty will merely be placed in the Second Resurrection as were almost the entire Sardis and Laodicean systems as we see from Revelation chapter 3.  Like any serious competition, we all run the race to win but we all seek to take the weakest over the line with us together as a body. The Holy Spirit will sort us out so as to enable that to occur.

It is worthwhile noting some very interesting aspects to what God is doing. He appears to be sending the Holy Spirit (No. 117) into the nations of Africa and to a lesser extent Asia.  At present God is letting the “Developed Nations” wither on the vine and they are being allowed to fester and rot with their riots and thefts and abortions and murders. They are not able to stand before the truth and seem unable to face the future. The aspects of false witness under the Ninth Commandment seem not to phase these people as they use their lies and defamation to mitigate against what we are telling the world as though that will ease the reality of what is before them.  God declared Sardis dead and He spewed them and Laodicea out of His Mouth. God seems about to destroy much of the world structure. The rivers and oceans have still to be turned increasingly to blood and we are now moving forward in our development.  We have untold numbers now but we have little strength.  Our people are poor but dedicated.  God is protecting us.  We have had no COVID-19 infestations to date. That is an amazing feat of God’s protection. Even in the many refugee camps and among our hundreds of thousands there is no pestilence among us to date.

Many of the offshoots seem to still believe that God will take them all to a ‘Place of Safety’.  They have asked their ministry where the Place of Safety (No. 194) is, and when they are to go there, but these false prophets have no idea and they cannot answer, other than so say they do not know. Now hear the Word of God you dumb dogs: There is no Place of Safety save in the Hand of God. As the Spirit said through Christ:”you will not have finished fleeing through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes” (Mat. 10:23).  Even then there will be no joy for you, as you will then face the tribulation and will not be spared. 

Rejoice in your calling ye Sons of Israel and Sons of the Living God. It is by and through the Law and the Testimony that you are called and made part of the Elect (Isa. 8:20, Rev. 12:17; 14:12).

Do not be discouraged. Now you see your calling.  There are tough times ahead but you will be taken through it in the faith. Discouragement is the weapon of the adversary. Put on the whole armour of God and prepare for what lies ahead of us.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General