Sabbath 28/04/43/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we will continue on in the exposition of the Ditheist and Binitarian and then Trinitarian heretics that have undermined the Churches of God over time.  The major text to be studied this week is the examination of Forgeries and Mistranslations Relating to the Position of Christ (No. 164G).  The heresy of Ditheism advanced by the devotees of Armstrong advance these forgeries and mistranslations in the Receptus and also the KJV in the English. Armstrong and his ministry did not understand the problems and did not develop the capacity to examine the doctrines and they fell into Ditheism (076B) and subsequently into Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 076). They were not disciplined enough in their academic studies to understand the basis of the errors and they used ad hominem arguments rather than genuine logical analysis. That is why they cannot be allowed to enter the First Resurrection unless they are re-educated in time. Those who follow them are also prevented from the First Resurrection (No. 143A).

The sequence of their insidious attacks on the faith is listed in the papers:
Heresy in the Apostolic Church (No. 089);
Antinomian Attacks on the Covenant of God (No. 096D)
Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C)
Antinomian Attacks on the Law of God (No. 164D)
Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E)

It is not enough to understand the doctrines and the Laws of God (L1), one must do them. One must keep the Commandments of God and the Faith and Testimony of Jesus Christ or you are not one of the elect and not in the Kingdom of God and thence the First Resurrection (Rev. 12:17; 14:12).  Ditheism and the Hillel Calendar disqualify the individual. They have to repent of the sins before they enter the millennial system.

It is our job to warn the world of the Coming of the Messiah and what it is that they must do to repent and enter the First Resurrection and the millennial system.  It has nothing to do with CCG as to who is called to repentance.  That is the responsibility of God through the Holy Spirit. Our job is to publish the affliction and warn the nations that he is coming as we were directed through the Holy Spirit and under the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 4:15, 16-27) (cf. Warning of the Last Days (No. 044)). 

All in CCG would of course like to see the Sardis and Laodicean eras saved and enter the First Resurrection.  It is not, however, our responsibility.  It is their responsibility. Most of them have been properly baptised and their education is their responsibility. Their ministry will be held accountable under James 3:1. Teaching false doctrine will see them punished with far greater severity. Many may well be placed in protective custody in the Second Resurrection when the people find out how they have been misled and placed under Judgment facing the Second Death along with their false teachers. 

Pray for those who are misled and seek their repentance.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General