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I am often amazed by how little our people know of the history and the movement of tribes and people from nations and continents over the ages. It has become fashionable over the 20th century to advance the Evolutionary argument, whereas it was promoted over the previous few hundred years to advance the argument that the sun revolved around the earth and Galileo was an heretic because he advanced the earth revolved around the sun.   He is still a heretic because he did not formally retract the theory and the Pope who was later declared infallible declared him so and therefore he could not be declared the great scientist that he was because the Pope would have to be declared fallible, which he so plainly was.

The philosophers and scientists of the world are so feeble and incompetent that they are unable to take on the world evolutionary scientists and world religious authorities and the failures of historians that have miss-stated the realities of history because they are afraid of the church authorities that control the universities of the age.

Some of the realities of science that denote error in the religious institutions are so obvious and yet so sacrosanct that they remain unchallenged.  The major emphasis is in the basis of the Creation versus Evolution (B9) argument which we denounced in 2007 and 2008.

One of the great myths of the worlds was spread to allocate the lands of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres  to the Roman Catholic powers of Portugal and Spain. So the myth had to be perpetrated that North and South America was allocated to European powers. Australia was declared terra nullius because Spain and Portugal could not defeat Britain and it suited Europe to declare it terra nullius.

One of the great myths of the uneducated is that no one from Europe or Asia had crossed the Atlantic before Columbus when we have clear and positive evidence that they had done so over many thousands of years.

It is a matter of historical and biblical record that Middle Eastern nations had sailed around Africa and to China and Asia and to Australia for millennia. So also we demonstrated the travels to America in the texts on Global Warming Historical Cycles (No. 218B) and this text adds to that paper as an Annex.

Our DNA records now show us conclusively that the C3 Mongols migrated to Alaska and into Canada on down to the Nadene and to the Apache and the Mayans. So also the Tibetans and the Japanese contain the Hg D as well as the Hg O groups.  Australia was formed from the HG C4a and C4b as well as the Rx R1 Basic ancestors of the Celts and also Hg I from the Phoenicians and the Maori and Pacific Island people show they are also Hg. C2 and 5 (cf. also Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265)).

So also we have seen through DNA testing that the Lemba tribe on the Limpopo River in Zimbabwe were Jews that settled in Zimbabwe and built the stone cities there.  They took African wives and they are black but their YDNA is Jewish and their Buba Clan is Levite and their priests are Aaronic priests. The writer and our ministers interviewed Professor Magdel Le Roux of SA at the university at Pretoria about the Lemba and she was to have gone back to interview them again over their calendar but the Mugabe regime made it too difficult for her to do the further research on the Temple calendar kept by them that was based on the Conjunction. They appear to keep the CCG Temple calendar and have done so since the dispersion of 70 CE.

The author visited the Museum in Cairo and the relics from the Tomb of Tutankhamen in the museum was filled with boomerangs of hunting to ceremonial types and very closely resemble the Australian boomerangs of each type.

When Idriess wrote Drums of Mer he made notes of the Egyptian carved ivory relics in the Cave of the Zogo Le Priests on Mer or Murray Island which were still extant when he went there and also recorded the Spanish Armour also in the cave.  So also the Baobab trees in North Australia resemble the Africa types and appear to have been planted one from the other.

The writings of Professor Cyrus H. Gordon in Before Columbus Links Between the Old World and Ancient America, Touchstone Press, 1971,1972 detail much of the history and also uses the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilisation in the Ice Age (cf. 1973 reprint, Turnstone Press).

In Gordon’s work between p22 and p33 are the carved heads of people from Africa and the Middle East and into Asia and North America. Many of the collection come from the work by Alexander von Wuthenau: The Art of Terracotta Pottery in Pre-Columbian Central and South America, Crown Publishers Inc, New York, 1970.  Gordon demonstrated that the Roman Inscriptions in the timetable in North East America to Virginia were proven to be pre- Second Century as the writing styles use pre-Second Century types where the ancient form of nine was not IX but the older Roman form of VIIII.

So also the Medieval Warm Period demonstrated traffic from Greenland in the Tenth Century CE in Longships. In Canada some time ago and also in the last decade we were able to locate Viking Longship remains in a River in Tennessee moving into the Mississippi and which was part of the Viking exploration of Vinland and the American civilisations there.

Many of the items carved and placed within the museums of South and Central America resemble Middle Eastern figures of importance.  Many items are of  Romans and Chinese, often on opposite sides of bowsprits. Many finds published by Gordon are of importance to Middle Eastern History.  For instance, in Bat Creek Tennessee we have inscriptions. We have found in Kentucky at Louisville (1932), Hopkinsville (1967)  and Clay City (1952), silver coins from the Jewish Bar Kokhba revolt in the early Second Century CE (cf. Gordon.  Ch. XI Postscript on Bat Creek pp 175-179). Haywood (Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee) identified Roman Coins of the Antonines and Commodus. A Roman head dated from ca 200 CE was excavated at a pyramid at Calixtlahuaca Mexico (Gordon ch. IV pp. 68-69). Also the finding of the Bat Creek Stone was originally thought to be Amerindian Cherokee when it was found with a burial site which was similar to ancient Hebrew burial practices. Assuming it was Ancient Cherokee, they were trying to read it upside down but Henriette Mertz, a patent lawyer in Chicago turned it right side up and recognised it as Phoenician Linear B and was able to translate it (Gordon ibid., pp. 182-185).  The identified letter forms of Ancient Hebrew in both the common script and the Qumran Manual of Discipline are listed on page 196.  The text was published in 1964 correct side up by Joseph Corey Ayoob and he was given that information by Dr W. W. Strong in 1950.  (cf. Gordon, Addendum page 187).   The text as LYHWD would correctly read for the Judean Commonwealth (YHWD) and has been so used since the Achaemenian Period. (Ibid p. 182)

One of the important texts on mapping of the Atlantic both from Africa to South America and Antarctica in its correct longitudinal and latitudinal relationship is in Gordon’s work which published the Piri Reis map of 1513 (pp. 70—76). It was published by the Turkish navy in 1513 for Admiral Reis from the copy that was taken from the Library at Alexandria when the Muslims burnt it and sent the originals back to the Caliphate where it ended up at Istanbul. It maps both sides and also the West Antarctic basin and in 1513 no one could reproduce the mapping and nor could they map the basin until 1970s when they had satellite technology.  The basin had to be mapped when the cap was melted in the warm period, either the Roman Warm period 2nd century BCE when it was placed in the Library, or in the previous Iron Age Warm Period. It is equally as likely that the maps were made in the Iron Age Warm Period as we know that David was exploring from the Phoenician ports at Tarshish in Iberia (now Southern Spain) and from Eilat.  In testing the transatlantic migrations, the Curator of the Berlin Museum had the mummies there tested and they were from the Tenth Century BCE.  The Museum published the results and all had hair samples that showed evidence of cocaine and tobacco use in each case.  The British Museum tested all their mummies to disprove the findings and whilst theirs did not have the evidence of cocaine they all had evidence of tobacco and thus the scientific world was confronted with the fact that Egypt and the Middle East also had contact with the Americas in the Tenth Century BCE. Also ancient Israel traded for the Golden Wedge of Ophir which at the very least showed Trade with Southern Africa if not further afield.

The Iron Age Warm Period seems to have begun with a massive disruption in world climate with volcanic and warm period climate heating.  To fit the time frames in to a frame of reference we should look at Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272).

The Thera eruption began the massive volcanic activity in the Mediterranean. The volcanic activity began with the displacement of the Pereset or the Sea People who moved into the Mediterranean. These people became the Philistines of the Bible Texts. The major disruption of the lands and in the earthquakes ended the Bronze Age by stopping the hegemony of the major cities that controlled bronze and other production. The events saw the rise of the Shepherd Kings of the Amorites and then Hittites and they also saw the Ahmosids in Egypt, who were the Branch of the Hittites in Egypt. It is most probable that the earthquakes saw the creation of the Drake Passage and thus the lands recorded in the map of the Atlantic may well have occurred before that seismic activity.
The Exodus began and the major period of the Middle East disruption and the Israel’s wanderings are as follows.
1448/7 The Exodus. 430 years from Gen. 12.4, and 400 years from Gen. 21.l0
            The Tabernacle set up. This yearthe people shouldhave entered the Land.
1408  Miriam, Aaron, and Moses d.
1408  Entry into the Land.
1403  The “Wars of the Lord” end (Josh. 14.6-15). Caleb 85. Joshua hands over the leadership to Eleazar.
1396  Joshua d. (110).
1396  Othniel attacks Kiriath-sepher First oppression:   Mesopotamia 8 years - 1388
1349   Othniel d. Second servitude Moab 18 years
1332  Ehud raised up Land had rest for 80 years (and Ehud judged them until he died (LXX)).
1253 Third oppression on death of Ehud;   Canaan 20 years under Jabin
1243-1234  Deborah and Barak raised under the oppression; Sisera is killed but Jabin continues.  They suppress Canaan and provide peace over their rule totalling 40 years.
Ca 1203 Fourth servitude Midian  7 years
Ca 1199  Gideon becomes judge. Midian was removed over seven years and a total period 40 years.
1160 Abimelech three years concurrent with Tola’s first three years as it was a usurpation.
1160 Tola 23 years
1157 Jair  22 years over Gilead but 18 of those were part of the vexation of Gilead on the other side of the Jordan and thus his clear judging was only 4 years over Israel (Jdg. 10:8).
1153 Jephthah 6 years
1148 Ibzan 7years
1142 Elon  10 years
1133 Abdon 8 years
1124  Fifth oppression under the Philistines 40 year.
1110 Samson judged 20 years.
1090 Eli, 40 years. (d. 98)
1051 Saul began to rule. Samuel, 40 years [over both reigns of Eli and Saul].
1020   The “Reformation” 1Sam. 7.
1012/11  David commenced to Rule.  Troy capital of Wilusia of the Western Hittites was destroyed in the Second Year of the end of the reign of Eli in 1054. The Philistines appear to have gained supremacy over the Levant at the removal of Midian.  The history is important.  

Wade Cox
Coordinator General