Sabbath 20/5/43/120

Dear Friends,

This week we take the message on from The Transfiguration (No. 096E) to deal with the Letter from Jude and it is covered in the Commentary on Jude (F065).

Jude has been continually misrepresented by the Antinomians and the Binitarians, Trinitarians and the Mariolaters because it was written by the brother of Jesus Christ and its theme takes Israel from Abraham and  Sodom and the captivity in Egypt on into the Last Days and the coming of the Messiah and the fall into the immorality experienced in the Churches and Society up until the coming of the Heavenly Host with the Messiah.

We are now moving into the final phases up into the wars of the Trumpets and the coming of the Witnesses.  It is important that we understand what is before us and what is to occur to the Binitarians (No. 076) and Ditheists (No. 076B) and Trinitarians in the Churches of God and how the Judaisers who keep Hillel instead of God’s Calendar (No. 156) are to suffer under the Host.

No Antinomian will be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God and the Millennium unless they are properly repentant and baptised. They will not live past the arrival of Messiah without repentance.

It is important that we reach and inform all of these people before it is too late and Messiah has come and the First Resurrection (No. 143A) has occurred.  That is a major message of the Letter of Jude. It is totally misrepresented by the Antinomians and Trinitarians.

Please be at peace and develop in the faith once delivered to those of the Faith.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General