Sabbath Message 18/06/43/120

Dear Friends,

We are issuing new papers for the feast system.  They concern a series of interesting topics.

One of the papers we are issuing is that of Creation and Healing (No. 001F) which explains the sequence of the creation and the preparation of the humans in the sequence and the capacity that the Church was given to heal those within it. It is important that we understand the powers and responsibilities we are given in the process of our development into Elohim.

Also we have issued a further update on the Timetable of the World Wars and the Kings of the East (No. 272B).

In the near future we will see a massive financial collapse between now and March next year.  There will be massive bank collapses (such as that rumoured for Deutsche Bank with debts of some $27 Trillion). Also there will be loan defaults and other catastrophes. We will deal with that over the next few Sabbaths.

There will be other Commentaries issued on the F Series for the Bible Commentaries.  Let us hope we can have an exciting time at the feast with many online services and international discussions.

We will also deal with the errors that some have thinking that they do not need to work for the faith or to play a role in any organised group. If you wish to be in the First Resurrection you had better work for the faith and not rob God by not paying tithes to the Church of God (cf. Tithing (No. 161)). Many act like parasites asking for funds paid from the tithes of other brethren and they do nothing from their own tithes.

Remember that we are the servants of God and that we serve one another as well as we are able to bring the messages to the world.

Remember to pray for one another and to serve God and the Church as the body of Christ. Protect the brethren in quarantine and make sure they are protected by responsible conduct.

Show that you love God by loving one another and working together as the Body of Christ in the Last Days.  If you are sitting at home alone in these last days then you are kidding yourself if you think you will be in the First Resurrection.  So also if you keep the Jewish Hillel Calendar you have never kept a Holy Day in your life except by accident. You will not be in the First Resurrection and will not even enter the Millennium alive unless you repent.

Be strong and of good faith.


Wade Cox
Coordinator General