Sabbath 12/10/43/120

Dear Friends,

Last week we studied the text on Paul Part I: Paul and the Law (No. 271) and some may have read the newly released Commentary on Ephesians (F049) but this week we will study that in detail.  Also it is important that we study what this week of false religious festivals means in the Satanic system. Satan is the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4). These festivals are made to serve him.  The meanings and symbols are explained in the paper Origin of Christmas and Easter (No. 235). This Sabbath the infidels will be crowding into the stores for the “Boxing Day” sales and trampling one another to get the “bargains.” Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.

I ask that the translators please make sure that Plan of Salvation (No. 001A) is translated in as many languages as possible and spread as far and wide as possible.  It appears that God is about to call a number of people to the faith over the next period before the Witnesses. We have only a short period of time to finish the work.

We now have eleven days to the Congress hearings on 6 January 2021.  There is immense pressure from the Globalists among our people now to have President Trump quietly walk away and accept the massive fraud perpetrated on all of us both in the US and British Commonwealth to establish the NWO and have us all die in a whimper. I have told his son by email to encourage his father to stand firm and ignore the pressure and stand and enforce the 12th Amendment. I would like all our people in and out of the US pray for strength for the president and go before God in power and faith and ask that God intervenes and protects him and exposes these criminals and brings them to justice. The alleged fraud here appears to be the greatest electoral fraud in world history. Those involved are traitors to all of our people and must be imprisoned.  Not only is it not a sin to be involved in the exposure of electoral frauds in the political system, it is an obligation on God’s people as revealed by Christ to Jethro and to Moses for Israel to elect their leaders (Num. 11:16; 18:21ff; Deut. 1:15) and it is a responsibility of the church and the prophets to expose criminal behaviour and judge our peoples’ conduct and expose it. Remember a coward will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Please pray that the Congress is cleaned out of these criminals and Globalist frauds.  Pray that these people are punished for using the foetuses of our unborn to assist in producing the vaccines inflicted on our people to control the weaponised viruses made at the instigation of these Satanists.

Our prayers are the acts of self preservation of God’s people in the last days. We are about to face the War of the Sixth Trumpet (cf. Wars of the End Part I: Wars of Amalek (No. 141C)) and the formation of the NWO as the Empire of the Beast. That empire of the NWO will reign for 42 months. God will intervene by sending the Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah (cf. Wars of the End Part II: 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)). For the 43rd month Christ and the Host will be here and we will be resurrected and/or translated at the First Resurrection (No. 143A) and then we will subjugate the nations under Christ.  No one can stop that from happening. We will take part in that massive world event and all these Globalists will be destroyed (cf. Wars of the End Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E) and Wars of the End Part IIIB: War Against Christ (141E_2)).

Pray for the strength and power of God to overcome these criminals that would destroy our people.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General