Sabbath 08/08/43/120


Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we issue the Commentary on Titus (F056) as the first of the Three Pastoral Letters of Titus and 1 and 2 Timothy.  We hope this text is of value to you all in the studies.

Hopefully we will list the other two for this week coming.  The text is from the RSV and not from the KJV on which Bullinger’s commentary is based. Thus the text covers both aspects and any errors that might be contained coming from the Receptus.

In the Commentaries on the Epistles we should gain much needed inspiration in the spirit of the NT canon and we hope that we can be uplifted by that NT canon which should inspire us in the Holy Spirit acting within us.

It is with regret that we inform our brethren that Jim Hooper our web master has died and awaits the resurrection.  He has been a loyal and faithful servant of the church for over 23 years since his baptism.  The web and CCG works have functioned well thanks to Jim and Greg.  Jim is survived by his wife Laura and his two girls and we wish them well.  Please pray for them. Greg Lawrence will assume his responsibilities assisted by Darcy Farris.

The work relies on the input of many of us functioning in their individual responsibilities.  Each one acts faithfully as we are required and it all works together for the good for those of us who love God and are called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28).

There is much to happen soon and we will face many trials and much tribulation over the next few years.  We await the Witnesses and then the Messiah and we will face the Resurrection (No. 143A) with joy and gladness. Remain steadfast in the faith and pray we are counted worthy to take our place under Christ. 

Work together for the faith and for each other. Pray for each other.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General