Sabbath 6/5/43/120

Dear Friends,

Today we follow on from the New Moon of the Fifth Month and deal with the details and symbolism of the Transfiguration of Mark chapter 9 dealing with the appearance of Moses and Elijah on either side of Christ (cf. The Transfiguration (No. 096E)) .

The purpose of the series over the last few weeks has been to deal with the heresies of Antinomianism and to explain what is to happen to the Antinomians at the Coming of the Messiah.  There is a serious consequence in these heresies and those teaching that the Law of God is done away and attacking the faith and baptism of the church will be dealt with very severely.  People espousing these heresies will not enter the Kingdom of God and they will not be in the First Resurrection.  If they do not repent they will not even enter into the millennial system under the Messiah. They will be killed before the Millennium begins.

Those who also do not keep the Sabbaths and the Feasts and Holy Days according to the Temple Calendar will not enter the First Resurrection and those who do not get rid of the Hillel abomination will also not be permitted to live into the millennial system. No Jew who keeps Hillel or Kashrut and is not baptised will be allowed to live on into the millennial system.

These are the people who will have to repent or die:
All Sardis including the COG (SD) and its branches; including
The RCG/WCG and all its offshoots and those in fragments staying at home;
The Seventh Day Adventists and their offshoots;
The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower and Bible Tract Society;
All Trinitarian Sunday worshippers and those baptised as infants;
All Hadithic Muslims and those not baptised and keeping the Sabbaths and the Temple Calendar.

It goes without saying that all Hindus, Buddhists, Animists and other infidels will also require to repent and be prepared for the Jubilee and made ready to enter the Millennium.

God has placed no limitation on Christ as to how few he has to take with the faith into the millennial system and there will be billions wiped out over the period of the next seven years.  God does not need any of us to make up numbers in the Millennium.  Satan considers none of us worthy to survive and the NWO under his minions want to reduce world numbers down to 500 million and they have stated that publicly.

Remember, it is an honour and a privilege to go into the Millennium with Christ.  We don’t  do anyone a favour by existing.  God will resurrect us all for His purposes and everyone not in the First Resurrection will be in the Second Resurrection and will face the Great White Throne Judgment and the Second Death if we do not repent. So we will all repent and obey God or we will die and be cremated once and for all in the Lake of Fire and be brought to mind no more.  If we die the Second Death we are finished forever. Do not make that mistake.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General