Sabbath 04/06/43/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we wish to deal with the Letter of Peter to the church in the dispersion, to where he was sent.  These were the “Aliens and Exiles” to whom he refers of the Twelve Tribes in the nations that were to the north scattered throughout Parthia and Asia. Parthia was the empire north of Israel and was adjoining Israel.  This was the same empire that was originally comprised of Hittites after the fall of Troy and then the remnants gave way to and became the Assyrian Empire and then the Babylonians but the majority were in fact origins of the European Celts that occupied all of Britain and Europe and through the Ashkenazi Khazars across into Scythia (cf. Descendants of Abraham Part VI: Israel (No. 212F)).  

Peter was claimed as the bishop of Rome by the Romans after they had ordered the extermination of the Desposyni or “those belonging to the Lord” of the family of Jesus Christ.  The men of the family of Jesus Christ were ordered to Rome by Constantine to conduct discussions with Bishop Alexander who ordered their extermination in 312 CE. They then set about exterminating Christ’s family and for that reason they had to disguise the mission of Peter and the existence of the Family of Christ and the churches over Asia Minor (cf. The Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268) and The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ (No. 232)).

When the major cities of Asia Minor were converted and established there were people with the Seventy and also later with the descendants of Messiah.  This did not suit the idolaters of the Mother Goddess Cults of the Baal worshippers in the Roman Empire and elsewhere. Baal worship was divided into a number of different deities with various aspects and names.  They were Baal and Ashtoreth, Attis and Cybele, Adonis, Mithras and Osiris and Isis, Ishtar or Easter and Cato or Dercato. The days of worship of these idolatrous groups were Sunday and also Christmas and Easter (cf. Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)).

These idolaters penetrated Christianity and destroyed it. They then set about killing and torturing the Churches of God that insisted on maintaining that basis of Christian worship under the Laws of God (L1) and the Temple or God’s Calendar (No. 156).

Peter saw all this happening and he then wrote his two epistles (cf. Commentary on 1 Peter (F060)).  The First was to warn of the coming persecution and the Second was to warn of the Antinomianism that would undermine the faith and destroy the faith of the majority and turn them into the great purge of the faith that they would become. This is covered in the text Commentary on 2 Peter (F061).

Remember it has always been the practice of the adversary to claim those of the faith as His own and then use the practices he established with the heathens and then enforce those practices under so-called “Christian“ names.  For example Christmas was established and transferred from the birth of the Sun God and its presentation of the infant son from the cave or grotto on the evening of 23 December as the new Christ child as “Christmas” and the Goddess Easter as the object of worship at the Passover festival. Both are completely idolatrous practices and will be stamped out along with those keeping them at the return of the Messiah. Christmas did not even enter Christianity until 475 CE at the commencement of the Dark Age.

Remember, we will exterminate these practices completely under the Loyal Host and those who return to the keeping of these pagan festivals will forfeit their place and weep tears of blood.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General