Sabbath 14/07/42/120

Dear Friends,

We are going into the Reading of the Law.  It is important that we realise that we are at a very crucial time in the Churches of God. At every instance of the Reading of the Law in 1998, 2005, 2012 and now 2019 we have suffered critical excisions of the people that were removed from us because they were not fit to be part of us.  In almost every case there was an infected mindset that came in to CCG and in the vast majority of cases it was from the WCG and Offshoots systems.  Much of it was from where the people saw themselves as superior to those of us in CCG or simply wanted to take control of CCG and get rid of the teachings. That was because the Armstrong system was incapable of repentance and correcting their errors.   

In many cases they were placed in us by the Offshoots and the plants in them. In the first instances many just fell away because it was too hard, but the major attacks on the faith in the first two instances came to the surface prior to the Sabbath Year in the Sixth Year or over the Sabbath Year prior to the Reading of the Law. This was so in 1998 and in 2005.  The major infiltrations were broken and prevented from destroying the administration and voting powers of the brethren. In each case the entire problem was gone by the morning of the Seventh Abib following the Sabbath Year in the First Year of the New Cycle. Some very few lasted into the following year. In 2005 the entire congregation was warned of the impending crisis and God gave the writer a vision at the group photo in Niagara and the congregation was warned that over half of the congregation present there for that photo would be gone by the next year. Everyone there and still in CCG remembers the event clearly. It is great burden being given understanding and knowing that many of the people with us simply were going to remove themselves through stupidity and self righteousness.

As none of the ministry is paid, it is not out of self interest that we wish to hold them in CCG.  God has decided to deal with the Churches of God and He has decided to remove the Sardis and Laodicean systems from the First Resurrection except for a few individuals who have been removed from them into the Philadelphian system (cf. Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)). If you are still there in the WCG offshoots or in Adventism, or offshoots, then you are in the Second Resurrection unless you repent. Once the Witnesses get here you are on very dangerous ground and you may not be allowed to enter the Philadelphian system.  We do not implore people to stay in CCG.  It is God that determines if they are fit to stay and if they decide to go then that is not really up to them but due to God who judges them. If you are at the Reading of the Law in any of the dozens of nations where CCG is doing so then you had better be aware that a few of CCG people may well be there for the last time.  God knows your heart and He will sift you out as He has done for many years (cf. Measuring of the Temple (No. 137)).

So also were people sifted out from 2012 and their hearts were exposed and they were removed. So will it be again this year. It does not matter what the perceived issue is.  It is usually because God who judges us simply removes whatever understanding we have. It will be the same in 2026 even when Christ is here. In the 2005 rebellion one of the officers said on the internet services that it was not supposed to work out the way it did. Yes, man proposes but it is God that disposes. Our job was foretold by the prophet Jeremiah (Jer. 4:15,16-27). Nothing can stop it and those that would interfere will simply not be allowed to do so and will simply place themselves in the Second Resurrection and face the possibility of the Second Death. And what is more bizarre, they will tell everyone how much better they are than the brethren in CCG working for the Church of the Last Days bearing the Lampstand (cf. The Lampstand in the Last Days (No. 170A).

Work out your salvation in fear and trembling. There is not long to go. Soon the Witnesses will be here and then the Messiah. Make sure your heart is right before God.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General.