New Moon 1/9/42/120

Dear Friends,

It is important that we understand who we are and what we worship as the Church of God.

There is only One True God and He has nothing coeval with Himself and He alone is immortal (1 Tim. 6:16). Eternal life depends on knowing Him and Jesus Christ whom He sent (Jn. 17:3). He had nothing with Him in the beginning when He began to create and all things exist by Him and because of Him.  It is important that the church studies the paper The God We Worship (No. 002).

The Church of God was penetrated by idolaters under Herbert Armstrong and the Trinitarian/Binitarians that entered because of their idolatrous heresy.

Every National Conference of CCG is to purge themselves of these idolaters who place Christ on a coeternal level with The Father Eloah as Ha Elohim.

Any person who prays to Christ is to be dismissed immediately they sin in that regard.

No songs are to be used or admitted that are not authorised in the CCG Hymnal and the CCG Hymnal is to be used on all occasions.

It is becoming obvious that many churches are ignorant of the true doctrines of the church in a number of areas.

There is no excuse for this as CCG has the Statement of Beliefs (A1) and there are a massive number of papers in many languages and especially in English, French, Chinese and Indo Malay among many others.

The papers are to be downloaded and the audios are to be played. It has come to our attention that a number of African areas are endemic with Christ worship and many of the US systems are rotten with Sabellianism and Christ worship and that this rot spread from the US into China in the True Jesus Church and ruined it with Sabellianism also. 

From this month we will progress in the catalogue on the Nature of God.  Next Sabbath we will issue the paper Israel as the Vineyard of God (No. 001C) for study. The sequence of 001, 001A, 001B and 001C are to be the centre of study and then we will go on with the papers in the sections on the Nature of God.

Much of the heresy was propagated by the Sardis Offshoots from the WCG and the Armstrong Offshoots. They need to be aware that God will purge them and their heretical ministry very soon.  Their demarcation church has the name that it is Living but it is dead (Rev. 3:1) and all churches formed from their doctrines within their system and using the Hillel Modern Jewish Calendar will be purged. They will not inherit the Kingdom of God.   

The Measuring of the Temple (No. 137) begins with the House of God and we are well into that now. The ministry should be well purged now and if they have not repented then they should prepare to be silenced and if necessary to die. Soon the entire world will be purged and on now up through the Witnesses and the Messiah over the Four Years from 2020 to October 2024. Pray now to cleanse the faith and also act to make sure CCG is clear of heresy.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General