Sabbath 27/7/41/120

Dear Friends

This Sabbath we are all back from the Feast of Tabernacles and next Tuesday we will celebrate the New Moon of the Eighth month.

We are moving along now in the Wars of Amalek Series. The first papers were
Wars of Amalek [1] (No. 141C).
Wars of Amalek Part II: The 1260 Days of the Witnesses (No. 141D)
Wars of Amalek Part III: Armageddon and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141E) 

Part III will be the study paper for this week also and we will promote the series.

We are now writing parts IV and V which are to deal with:
Wars of Amalek Part IV: The End of False Religion (No. 141F)
Wars of Amalek Part V: Restoration for the Millennium (No. 141G)

Over the next two parts we will come to the grim reality that there is only one Religion and One True God and He has one calendar, and one only, and all flesh will worship Him and keep God’s Calendar (No. 156).

The Law of God (L1) proceeds from His Nature and is to be kept on pain of death. Satan’s time is up and the new broom sweeps clean and we will all obey or die. If you are keeping Hillel as do the Jews you will not be in the First Resurrection and your family is at risk of the Vials, as are you. Use your brains. How can a calendar not issued until 358 CE have been kept by the apostles and the church under Christ. How can Christ be a true god if there is only One True God and He sent Jesus Christ and eternal life depends on knowing that fact and these entities (Jn. 17:3). If you are teaching those lies for hire then you will pay dearly as will those silly enough to listen to you.

It is not our responsibility to get people to obey God.  It is their responsibility.  Our job is to tell them.  It is their business to decide which resurrection that they wish to be in and it is up to God to select them or reject them to the Second Resurrection. They will be in one or the other. However, if they are not in the First Resurrection they will not be allowed in the Temple until the end of the Vials of the Wrath of God (cf. Rev. 15:8). That includes all the Sabbath–keepers of the COG(SD) and  WCG and offshoots and all the Adventists and their false god and false calendar as well as post Temple Rabbinical Judaism.   All others of mankind will be in the Second Resurrection unless they repent before the final period of the Witnesses.

Our predecessors, and many of our ancestors in the faith, have died for the faith and we should realise that there are no free lunches. We will be tested in the time ahead. Be prepared and do not rely on a ministry that teaches for hire. That is why CCG has no paid ministry in the last days.  As Samuel said, we have taken nothing from you and most of us have not even claimed our actual expenses. We are blameless in that regard. We do not teach for hire and are dedicated to the Truth (No. 168)

Our desire is to the do the work of Him who sent us and to finish His work (Jn. 4:34). We labour to have as many as possible enter the Kingdom of God in the First Resurrection.

If we are not the voice of Dan-Ephraim of Jeremiah 4:15-16 then find out who it is and join them as there can only be one doing the final Warning of the Last Days (No. 044) and it must have originated from Dan-Ephraim to fulfil Scripture.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General