Sabbath 24/4/41/120

Dear Friends,

This Sabbath we release the text Myths and Fabrications in and of Islam (Q001C).  We have covered a bit more than we indicated last Sabbath Message. It will be recorded soon for next Sabbath. This Sabbath we will finish the Summary of the Commentary on the Qur’an or Koran at QSE covering sections 6 and 7 and the Conclusion.

It is a sad state of affairs when Satan can take two aspects of the faith with three elements and turn it all against itself using the stupidity and avarice of humans who are willing to lie for their own purposes to divide the world.

The Ninth Commandment is ignored by most humans as it suits them (see Law and the Ninth Commandment (No. 262)). Yet they claim morality because they do no murder yet trample on the rest of the Law of God with disdain.  Just look at the results of the faith.  The Jews claim the faith yet do not follow the Law and the testimony.  They have invented a false calendar which did not exist in its rude form until Hillel II released the fraud, based on the Babylonian intercalations, in 358 CE. It was not corrected until the Twelfth Century by Maimonides and never adopted in the Churches of God until the pair Armstrong and Dugger introduced it to the Churches of God (SD) and their gullible ministers keep observing it to this day, even though it guarantees their place in the Second Resurrection. Their ignorance of the Nature of God has turned them into Binitarians and Ditheists and they deny that they are polytheist even though their position is absolutely polytheist Binitarian or Ditheist depending on who is arguing the case. The people that follow them join them in the Second Resurrection.

The Jews have also corrupted the Faith with Kabbalah and the Talmud. So also the Trinitarian Baal worshippers keep the day of the Sun, Sunday, as the day of worship along with Christmas and the festival of the Goddess Easter and many bow down to idols of what passes as Messiah and the Goddess and the saints in spite of the Commandments of God and the testimony of the prophets. The Trinitarians have again split into Antinomians and straight out worshippers of the Mother goddess.

Islam and Christianity have been deliberately split because of the lies at Rome and at Mecca.  So also Sunni and Shia Islam are split. They do not even keep the Sabbath let alone God’s Calendar and they comprehend nothing of the Koran or the Scriptures and many do not even read. No organised faith, other than CCG, even understands or keeps the New Moons or the Feasts and Holy Days of God on the correct days and sometimes not even in the correct months except when it is unavoidable such as this year. However, they never keep the New Moons.

The great advantage we have is that we have the internet and we are able to reach anywhere in the world and we are able to educate the world’s populace as they are directed by God through the Holy Spirit.

The servants of Satan do not understand that Satan will be placed in the pit of Tartaros with all his demons.  His human servants will be eliminated on the return of the Messiah unless they repent beforehand. Soon all mankind will be re-educated for the millennial system.  It is our job to warn the nations and that involves all of Islam and the animist and liberation systems in Asia.

Do not be unsettled with the complexity of our task.  The lives of billions of people may depend on it. Our task is to give a full and clear account of the hope that lies within us and warn the nations that Messiah is coming.

Wade Cox
Coordinator General